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Gengo, A Lionbridge Company

A self-service translation platform for all your business documents.

Online, Self-service Translation Platform for Reliable Translations by Human Translators

Use Gengo in place of a translation agency for straightforward translations with ranging quality requirements to meet your specific needs.

Gengo enables teams and individuals to easily submit text and documents for human translation in dozens of languages. 

The app provides an intuitive user experience and allows you to start an order with just a few clicks. 

Optimized for speed, Gengo helps you instantly connect your content with the right translator. The easy-to-use interface captures all essential information about your translation requirements to provide you with the right quality and hassle-free experience. 

Why Choose Gengo


  • Great user experience
  • A simple and intuitive ordering process
  • Ability to pay as you go with a credit card or via PayPal
  • Automated transactions with an Application Programming Interface (API)


  • Easy order submission with just a few steps
  • Orders picked up by translators within minutes
  • Translation delivery within hours


  • Human translation quality
  • Automatic allocation to the best translator
  • Ability to communicate directly with the translator to provide guidance
  • Ability to upload your glossary and reference materials
  • Automated quality checks to ensure top quality

How Gengo’s Self-service Portal Helped Eventbrite Provide Multilingual Customer Support

Using Gengo, Eventbrite tapped into a crowd of skilled translators to deliver delightful service to its customers in multiple languages while keeping costs down.

Gengo’s Four Tiers of Translation Quality

Gengo offers four tiers of translation quality to meet requirements for different document types.


How does it work?

One vetted translator — selected by the technology for suitability — translates your content piece.

For what material is it suitable?

General documents and basic business documents

Standard Plus

How does it work?

One vetted translator translates your content pieces, and another translator proofreads the work to catch and eliminate minor errors. 

For what material is it suitable?

Content with higher visibility


How does it work?

A translator who possesses subject matter knowledge translates content pieces within specific domains.

For what material is it suitable?

Generic finance, legal, or other specialized content

Advanced Plus

How does it work?

A subject matter expert translates the content, and a second translator proofreads the material to provide additional quality checks. 

For what material is it suitable?

Specialized content with high visibility

Rakuten Case Study: How Human Translation Boosted Rakuten’s Conversion Rates

In an experiment with human and machine translation, Rakuten found that Lionbridge’s crowdsourcing platform increased conversion rates and simplified high-volume content translation.

Looking for Other Options? Consider One of Our Other Recommended Service Models.

Gengo is designed for teams that need to translate general business documents quickly but want to avoid the complexity of managing individual translators. 

If you require automated translation or need to support larger localization programs, consider the following options.

Smart MT™ Portal

A self-service, real-time text and document translation tool that works best for users who need automated translations for understanding and have low-visibility content, such as internal documents or chats.

Lionbridge Cloud

A managed localization service that works best for teams that need external production to standardize their localization workflows and extend their capability to handle large, recurring content streams using state-of-the-art technology and localization workflows. It comes with access to the Lionbridge Language Cloud™ localization platform and a wealth of localization services and connectivity options. 

Have more questions about our service models? Talk to our teams to select the best solution.

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