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View our on-demand webinars, we have a large selection of life sciences, games, eLearning and localization webinars below

Generative AI / LLM On-Demand Webinar: Limits & Opportunities

 Generative AI / LLMs hold promise but have limitations until reaching maturity. Gain realistic expectations of its capabilities in the early stages.

Large Language Model and Generative AI Technology On-Demand Webinar

Find out what this Artificial Intelligence is and how it will affect localization. Discover new possibilities for translation and content creation.


Translation and Localization


GlobalSaké 2022

Lionbridge is proud to be a 2022 Galaxy Sponsor of all 4 upcoming GlobalSaké events.

Embrace the Online Opportunity of African Languages

Join Lionbridge and CSA Research in this 60-minute webinar to up your game (and return on investment) in Africa.

How to Assess Your Company’s Global Digital Experience 

As retailers invest in digital transformation and omnichannel strategies, they find themselves creating multiple content streams to appeal to global audiences. This accelerating content stream is accompanied by the need to ensure high standards of quality around site performance, brand consistency and language. Conducting a Global Digital Experience Assessment can help you discover any pitfalls in your digital transformation strategy and create a better digital experience for your customers.

Building Effective Loc Teams – LocWorld 45

The localization team is often the core of a company’s global success. In this panel discussion, we will cover how to build, grow, or transform a group of employees.

Agency vs In-House Digital Marketing Models

It’s an age old question in Marketing – Should you partner with an Agency, or build internal teams, for each piece of your Digital Marketing? Hear from both sides of this debate, as we tease out the answers to this complex question with Jaime Punishill, Chief Marketing Officer at Lionbridge, and Simon Golding, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at SocialSEO.

PIMpoint Digital 2021

PIMpoint Digital is returning from October 5-7, 2021! Mark your calendars and join the inriver community and Lionbridge to connect, get inspired, and gain new perspectives on the future of digital commerce.

Fireside Chat with Jaime Punishill and Talia Baruch

Listen to a fireside chat between Jaime Punishill, CMO of Lionbridge and Talia Baruch Co-Founder of the Globalsake community to connect, get inspired, and gain new perspectives on the future of digital transformation, global-ready strategies and more.

Healthy Data Management for a Thriving Global Recovery

Join this discussion with Jaime Punishill of Lionbridge and Ben Rund of Riversand as they discuss the importance of working with a language provider with global scale.

Powering Global Digital Transformation With Language

Join a conversation hosted by Lionbridge’s Jaime Punishill with Volvo Cars and Avanade to learn about their successful collaboration for the Volvo Cars website.

Augmented Translation

How Artificial Intelligence Drives Productivity and Efficiency for the Language Industry

How Much Should Enterprises Localize?

A follow-up to “Factors in Language Selection,” this webinar provides insights from CSA Research’s analysis of 2.4 million webpages on 1,348 global brand websites about how enterprises structure their localization efforts.

Let’s Talk About The Future of the Localization Industry

Join this panel to dive into how the Digital-First universe meets Artificial Intelligence and Dawns a New Day

Handling Sensitive Calls with Limited English Proficient Consumers

Learn more about how Lionbridge Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services can help your company improve retention of your Limited English Proficient customers.

Driving Global Market Expansion Growth with Scalable Multilingual Digital Experiences

Learn how organizations like yours are harnessing global content strategies, low-code platforms, & optimized localization enabling content owners to create, assemble, localize and publish more effective content faster than ever.

Successful Multilingual Content Transformation to Connect to Global Markets

In this session, Lionbridge’s CMO Jaime Punishill will demonstrate the importance of shifting the conversation away from localization and towards globalization.

Customer Experience Management Solutions

Join this live event to learn about the Lionbridge translation management platform and how it can benefit you.

How to be Successful with Voice Search

Due to the way users interact with voice, users ask questions rather than doing keyword searches, users expect answers rather than lists of results.

In order to target these results, there are a number of areas you need to consider in order to succeed.

Braving The Waves

Listen to Lionbridge Chief People Officer Ann Lazarus-Barnes for this Women in Localization – Beijing Chapter webinar on Braving the Waves. Ann will speak about finding a mentor that can help you grow your career.

Data Privacy And Your Language Service Provider

There’s a growing number of privacy regulations emerging throughout the United States and the world. If your LSP is out of compliance with your data, so are you.

COVID-19 Accentuates What Marketing Already Should Be Doing

Crises - like the current COVID-19 pandemic – only serve to amplify the importance of the strategies we already knew were vital to successfully connecting with buyers in today’s world. While we chase conversational bots, AI driven marketing, ABM, video-based sales, and other strategies du jour, we are distracted from the basics necessary to reach, connect, and engage with potential & current customers.

Winning with the Fundamentals

Don’t be paralyzed by the environment or distracted. Come join our fireside chat and hear how one team has leaned into the current environment by focusing on the fundamentals and meeting buyers where they are right now.

How Voice Search Is Changing The Customer Experience

As marketers, we need to adapt our business strategies to be visible to digital assistants, make our content easily findable by both voice and text-based searches, and connect with our audiences in a way that will truly resonate—regardless of their country or native language.

Supporting Effective Lawyer-Client Communications in a COVID-19 World

The spread of COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to the legal industry, compelling law firms and legal departments to quickly adapt to remote work environments.

Global Best Practices for Website Localization

Learn how to successfully launch your website into a new market whether it is in Asia or in the west.

Fireside Chat with CMO Jaime Punishill

Join CMO Jaime of Lionbridge as he answers your questions about the importance of working with a language provider with global scale.

Going Global In a Digital World

Going global where do you start? Join Lionbridge and Adobe to hear our story.

Multilingual Customer Service Demo

Over-the-Phone Interpretation & Real Time Chat

Critical Insights for Demonstrating Marketing’s Impact on the Business

Measure marketing impact on outcomes that count. Come join our fireside chat and hear how Lionbridge has transitioned to a data-driven marketing approach and put customers at the forefront of its strategy.

Life Sciences


Let’s Talk About Capturing the Patient’s Voice in Translation

This panel will discuss how language service providers contribute to patient engagement and empowerment, from clinical research to healthcare decisions. - Sponsored by Lionbridge

Readiness for EU MDR

What changes will MDR bring? Our Life Sciences experts Mark Aiello and Pia Windelov will weigh in.

Patient Centricity: The Key to Success in Global Rare Disease Trials

In this webinar, Clincierge will draw on their extensive experience directly supporting rare disease trial participants around the globe with travel and relocation logistics.

Clinical Trial Execution in a Pandemic Age

In this webinar, Lionbridge will talk about the implications of Covid-19 on the current clinical trial landscape and offer perspectives on the value of multimedia, language and electronic data capture of clinical outcomes assessments.

Welcome to the time-crunch

How the new Clinical Trial Regulation impacts clinical trial timelines and processes in the EU.

How Author-It & Lionbridge reduced costs & increased efficiency for Philips Personal Health

Philips needed a language service provider that could integrate seamlessly with Author-it, thereby streamlining the translation process and creating efficiencies through increased automation and centralization. Lionbridge was that partner.



How to Optimize Game Quality and Improve Testing Efficiency

Games are becoming increasingly complex, which in turn is intensifying testing complexity. How do you know what kinds of testing are worthwhile and what are inefficient? How do you know whether you are doing the right things to optimize quality?

How To Create Testable Games

As a developer, you're really excited about getting that new, awesome feature into your game. But how do you make sure it is implemented correctly, and it doesn't break the game in different places?



Has Technology Changed the Way People Learn?

Every day, technology is surrounding you. Technology can be found in our homes, at work, and in the classroom. It has forever shaped the way we take in new information unknown to us. Over the past few years, technology drastically influenced the way we learn through the use of computers, smart devices, and the Internet. What other ways has technology changed the way people learn?

Designing Loc-friendly Versus Loc-ready Content

When you set out to create a new piece of content for a global audience, there are important elements of globally-neutral content to check before you publish or send a piece for translation. Otherwise, your message risks being misunderstood – or mistranslated. Join this 30 minute webinar to dive deeper into these elements.

The Art and Science of Learning

Ever wondered about behavioral psychology and how people learn? Is the process of learning an art or a science? How should it be approached by content designers?

Creativity for Any Audience

Studies show that people learn better from interactive lessons but creating interactive courseware can be a highly complex and involved process. One great way to engage learners: Turn it into a game.

The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual Virtual Events

With COVID-19 upending in-person events worldwide, virtual events have emerged not only as a way to replace face-to-face interactions, but to expand a desired audience far beyond what might be possible with an in-person event. Read this whitepaper to discover how making a virtual event multilingual grows your audience reach, and how our translation and localization services can help you be a leader in multilingual events and customer support.