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Multilingual legal content is complicated. Legal content management shouldn’t be.

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When the stakes are high, you need a trusted partner you can count on to deliver your legal translations and provide legal language services with expertise, accuracy, speed, and global scale.

Legal Translation Services For Every Need

Our project managers, professional translators, and legal experts have decades of experience integrating seamlessly into client processes and technology. And with the added power of Lionbridge Language Cloud™, where you can increase your content velocity and performance of that content using cutting-edge language AI, you’ll see the benefits of our partnership even faster.

From the smallest revision to the largest discovery volumes, Lionbridge Legal will simplify your multilingual workload with reliable, high-quality translations.

AI-Powered Legal Translation to Wow Your Clients

Rely on Lionbridge’s Legal GenAI services to support your clients — faster, cost-effectively, and securely. No more stressful deadlines, high costs (save up to 50%!), or unhappy clients. 

FCPA Compliance – Meeting DOJ Deadlines with Ease

New DOJ guidelines require companies to quickly submit evidence to receive cooperation credit. Lionbridge uses Smart MT™ to process thousands of documents and conduct the first review, while our legal translators with in-country expertise complete the certified translations. This results in a much faster turnaround — without sacrificing accuracy.

Antitrust Law – Streamlining Second Request Submissions

As part of the Second Request process, companies must now submit information on the intended use of e-discovery tools. Lionbridge works directly with legal teams and e-discovery vendors to customize a workflow that meets these DOJ and FTC requirements. This ensures faster acceptance of submissions the first time around.

Arbitration – Trusted by Top Rated Global Dispute Firms

International arbitration enables parties from different countries to resolve disputes outside judiciary courts. Yet these cases are no less complex. Lionbridge specializes in both arbitration translation and simultaneous interpretation to ensure the highest degree of accuracy — because even a minor error can impact a ruling. That’s why the firms rated highest for global dispute resolution by Chambers & Partners turn to us for the language support they need.

"The quality of the translation of this very technical document by far exceeded our expectations. Quite often even professional translations of technical documents in the TMT-sector require substantial additional input before they can be used in court or administrative proceedings; not so here, and we were able to file the document with the authority without any amendments or rectifications."

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Legal Translation Services and Legal Interpretation Services

Expertise. Speed. Scale. Discretion.

Our service-oriented approach pairs you with legal translation specialists who serve as your partner, offering 24/7/365 support wherever you need it.


Legal Document Translation

You demand perfection when it comes to your legal translations. Our legal and linguistic experts in 350+ languages get it right every time.

Legal Localization Services

We ensure the care and thought you’ve applied to your content—whether on your website, CVs, pitches, or legal documents—is preserved throughout the translation process.

Legal Interpretation Services

Every day, we place expert legal, financial, and technical interpreters in law firms and courthouses worldwide to assist with your most important legal interpretation challenges.

On-Site Staffing for Legal Matters

When you’re involved in complex international legal work, you need a trusted partner who can deliver high-quality language assistance in any market. We have the resources and experts to deliver the right on-site solution in as little as 24 hours.

E-Discovery Solutions

Don’t let foreign-language discovery bury your legal team in millions of pages and exorbitant costs. Our legal and linguistic experts can translate legal documents in 350+ languages quickly and cost-effectively with our best-in-class e-discovery platform.

Certified Legal Translation Services

Our certified translation services team ensures accurate translation of your certified documents with a supplemental quality assessment, including a line-by-line review from an additional expert linguist.

Legal Transcription

No matter the medium, we can bring it to life worldwide. We ensure accurate, high-quality translation and transcription in every language, everywhere with our best-in-class legal transcription services.

Legal Document Production

When your international legal matter requires documents, charts, schematics, graphs, tables, and images, we ensure they mirror your original files.

Unlimited Machine Translation

Whether you’re working on cross-border litigation or eDiscovery, our machine translation services can simplify your translation process. Order translation for document sets of any volume on our secure system and receive your deliverables in minutes.

The Future of Multilingual Legal Cases

The sudden scarcity of translators (due to pandemic restrictions) accelerated machine translation adoption. Previously, the field had been reticent to use something other than professional translators.

The most efficient application of MT varies by need. Entities will benefit from a strategy to apply the most appropriate MT. Let Lionbridge guide you.

Legal Case Translation Services

Not sure what type of translation you’ll need for your case? Get to know the options, including document production, e-discovery support, and certified translations. Our teams collaborate with clients to determine their needs, which means you’ll get a solution tailored for you.

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