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“Not only did the Lionbridge team strive to clearly understand and solve around our specific project requirements, their mobile testing team also delivered on their promises, within our timeline and budget, and exceeded our overall expectations. We would definitely use Lionbridge again.”


Craig Collett
CEO, Shuffle Ventures

Core Testing Services

Consistent performance. Optimal UX. Every device. Every market.

We work around the clock to help you improve product quality and usability, speed time—to—market, avoid release delays, and reduce costs.



Functional Testing

When you launch your products and services in new markets, you need to ensure they are as awesome in the new market as they are in your home market. Verify that software and hardware products meet all functional requirement specifications, with the manual, automated, black box, exploratory, and user acceptance test methodologies available in our Functional Testing frameworks.


Localization QA Testing

Confirm your localized products and services are bug-free and up to global user expectations for quality when you launch them in new markets. Our Localization QA testing services ensure your product is up to standard in every language and every market.


Regression and Maintenance Testing

Validate that software updates and enhancements have not introduced new bugs, with continuous functional and non-functional regression testing from Lionbridge that uses both automated and manual methodologies.


UX Testing

Your app, product, or service may be incredible, but that won’t matter if your customers can’t use it easily or enjoyably. Lionbridge UX testing services offer the best UX testing tools to ensure positive interactions with your product by anyone, anywhere.

App Development and Maintenance Services

Your product—at the world’s fingertips.

Deliver the right product, in the right way, to the right customers in their local markets. Lionbridge App Development and Maintenance Services ensures a positive brand experience for your customers, uncovering critical issues before you go to market and empowering you to understand how your app or device functions anywhere in the world.



Product Planning

We’ll work with you throughout your entire product process: from ideation through market launch and exist strategy. We identify market requirements and the defining product’s feature set on an ongoing basis, and we manage your product through its lifecycle with continuous product extensions and improvements.


Product Development

From conceptualization to design, development to thorough testing, we help you create the industry-leading products that set you apart, leveraging our agile development capabilities, innovative thinking, and interactive and responsive UI.


QA Testing

Consumers won’t wait around while you fix buggy code. Count on Lionbridge for an end-to-end QA and testing process that’s cost-effective and time-efficient. With our QA Testing Services, we help you go to market faster and reduce your overall risk.



We support enhancements to the applications you create across platforms and domains. Our agile development processes ensure minimal time to market, and our full stack web and mobile development solutions make the process as simple as possible for you.

Specialized Testing Services

Extend your QA coverage to every demographic.

Leave no user behind with specialized in-market, compatibility, and accessibility test services.



Global Mobility Testing

Our global network of in-market test engineers test your mobile apps for functionality and compatibility across the “last mile” of local mobile operators, localized mobile devices, and regional payment providers in 80+ countries, so you can ensure a consistent user experience for everyone, in every market.


Compatibility and Interoperability Testing

Test your apps and services on a broad spectrum of market-leading and down-level handsets, tablets, streaming devices, PCs, and consoles, so they work for everyone on every device.


Accessibility Testing

Verify that your websites, apps, and devices comply with the latest in assistive technologies and accessibility guidelines, with the help of our Accessibility Test Labs.

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