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You need a partner with the experience and knowledge to help you craft your messages to global stakeholders while ensuring perfection and compliance with internal guidelines and financial industry regulations. With over 20 years of serving industry leaders, we create, edit, and translate financial content for investment, retail, and private banking clients as well as for asset and wealth management clients—expertly, securely, and at scale.


Our Banking & Finance Customers

Banking & Finance Services

Content creation and translation for banking and financial clients

We offer a full range of multilingual content support services, including digital marketing for web and mobile, financial reports and regulatory materials, research services, thought leadership and specialist writing, and software and training material development. We have over two decades of experience working with a wide range of documentation covering all aspects of the financial sector, including discretionary marketing collateral, regulatory materials (fund prospectuses, articles of association, financial statements and annual reports, PRIIP KIDS, and UCITS KIIDS), investment, performance, and market reports, equity and bond research notes, disclaimers and fund regulations, specialist articles, financing and licensing agreements, and asset management agreements.



Marketing Materials

From digital and traditional discretionary marketing collateral to sales aids, and pitch books, product fact sheets, and email campaigns, we help you target key stakeholders in the markets that matter most.


Digital Content

A successful website, app, and digital content strategy takes more than pleasing images and an attractive layout. Keep your visitors coming back for more with an appealing design and highly readable text, no matter how complicated your business.


eLearning and Training

Create exceptional training programs that keep your employees or distributed sales force informed and your clients comfortable. Ask us how.


Technical Documents

We work with a wide range of documentation covering all aspects of the financial sector, including digital and traditional discretionary marketing collateral; regulatory materials; investment, performance, and market reports; equity and bond research notes; disclaimers and fund regulations; specialist articles and thought leadership pieces; financing and licensing agreements; and asset management agreements.


Financial Reports

Exemplary financial reports require the combination of superior writing skills and incomparable business acumen. When you need to draft an annual report, quarterly report, or financial report, you can count on Lionbridge to quickly, securely deliver the nuance of native speakers and the accuracy and consistency of finance experts.



What’s the difference between translation and transcreation? While translation adapts, transcreation recreates to bring true relevance in every language, everywhere. With our transcreation services, you can connect with your audiences in your authentic brand voice in every language, culture, and market.



Our terminology team helps to build and maintain your glossaries and tightly integrate them into the translation process. Whether you need help defining your company’s terminology or managing an existing database, we can help.


Website Localization

Your website is one of your most valuable assets. The hub of your online brand, it’s the place where your digital customer experience comes to life. Make sure your message resonates with consumers around the world from their very first interaction, using our comprehensive suite of website localization tools and services.


Document Translation

We translate your financial documents with compliance in mind, ensuring they follow defined formats and adhere to all relevant regulations.


Multimedia Localization

We offer complete video and multimedia translation, localization, and transcreation services. From locally relevant images to accurate subtitles and studio—quality audio and video production, we help you expand the reach and impact of your multimedia content.



Our proofreading services give you peace of mind. We correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and ensure consistency of formatting such as date and spacing, font, and table of contents.


Linguistic Editing

Our experienced financial and linguistic specialists stylistically improve and rewrite your financial documents, ensuring consistency with terminology and style guidelines and appropriateness for your target audience, so your words are clear, correct, and compliant—everywhere.


Social Media Listening

What are end users saying about you on social networks? We find out, so you can ensure the best possible user experience and maintain brand loyalty.


Sentiment Analysis

We help you understand how your customers feel about your brand—and offer actionable insights from the data we collect.


Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Our financial and linguistic experts provide professional, compliant over-the-phone interpretation services so you can communicate on-the-go.


Chat Translation

When you need real-time translations fast, you can rely on our chat translation services.


Community Support

We make sure you stay connected with your community of users, so you can answer their questions quickly and solve their problems effectively.


Multilingual Digital Campaigns

Our global digital marketing services team collaborates closely with you and offers the language, cultural, and technical expertise you need to stay relevant with your global audiences, meet your marketing goals, and keep your costs and schedules in check.


Multilingual Website Optimization

Let Lionbridge help you centralize your digital services and seamlessly create a unified, highly resonant customer experience worldwide. From multilingual website design to international SEO, we help you maximize message resonance and response across buyers, languages, and cultures.


Visual Adaptation

When you’re creating a truly global campaign, you need to make sure every element of your message—from text to imagery to video—resonates with customers in every location. We can help.


Desktop Publishing Services

We provide desktop publishing services for all types of regulated content.

Meet Our Banking & Finance Experts

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Eda Korkmaz

Eda has 24 years’ localization experience and throughout her career has held roles connected to the financial industry: initially as a translator for private and investment banks, later as an account and program manager for blue-chip financial institutions. These unique insights enable Eda to act as an adviser to our customers.

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Laura Criado

Laura is Lionbridge’s key Account Director for banking industry clients and leader of the EMEA Center of Excellence for Finance. Laura’s past experiences include serving as a Financial Translator and Project Manager for one of Spain’s leading banks and Business Unit Manager for financial entities. These wide-ranging positions have given Laura insight into customers’ challenges and the expertise to meet their needs.

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Christian Brettle

Christian has been working in the financial industry for six years and has handled complex and highly confidential translation projects for large financial institutions for over 15 years. Christian understands the nuances of the industry. His expertise enables him to meet our customers’ needs.

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Claude Frank

Claude works at Lionbridge Switzerland in Zurich and takes care of language quality topics for several of our clients in the DACH market region. He brings expertise in multiple languages and has held communications roles in the banking and reinsurance industries before joining Lionbridge in 2006. 

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