Clinical Trial Content and Translation Services to Meet Today’s Obstacles

Content and translation services for the challenges clinical trial sponsors face today.

Clinical Translation and Content Solutions for Modern Clinical Trials

Today’s clinical trials and global development programs bring radically different problems and opportunities. Trials are impacted by new regulations, designs, and AI. Remote trials are enabled by new and developing digital health technologies and local site facilities. Turn to Lionbridge, with its decades of industry experience and innovative technology, to help navigate this evolving landscape.

Global Regulatory Solutions – Clinical Labeling Services

Learn how integrated workflows and automation can transform clinical labeling for investigations in all territories.

Lionbridge’s Innovative Solutions for Clinical Trials

COAs: Innovative Solutions for Conceptual Equivalence

Explore the critical nature of conceptual equivalence. Discover how Lionbridge’s solution enables accurate translation and linguistic validation of patient perspectives in medical product development.

Transitioning to Clinical Trials Regulation

Ensure a less burdensome transition to the CTR. Learn how Lionbridge clinical trial translations can help.

AI and Drug Development

Get updates on how AI currently impacts drug development and will continue to in the future. Read about risks, regulations, and new opportunities.

“Every Clinical Development Plan needs an expert-led, AI-powered language strategy to succeed in today’s evolving clinical research environment. The impact is striking for both clinical operations efficiency and language quality.”

- Pia Windelov, VP, Life Sciences Strategy and Product Marketing

Lionbridge’s Clinical Trial Translation Services Thought Leadership

We understand your industry’s ever-changing challenges, complexities, and regulations. More from our experts:

Lessons Learned from the EU Clinical Trials Regulation

After supporting clients under the new EU CTR for a year, Lionbridge shares its best practices and tips for complying with this regulation.

Language Planning Guidance for Multi-Regional Clinical Trials and ICH E17

Learn 5 critical tips from Lionbridge’s life sciences translation services team for optimal language planning for multi-regional clinical trials and ICH E17.

Writing Clinical Trial Results for Multi-Regional Clinical Trials

Understand essential considerations for writing more effective clinical trial results for multi-regional clinical trials.

Communication Challenges of Decentralized Clinical Trials: Best Practices and Solutions

Get critical guidance for better language planning and trial communication in decentralized clinical trials.

eCOA Providers Case Study: A New Intergrated eCOA Workflow for Reduced Timelines and Administrative Burden

Learn how a new workflow and a strong project setup can reduce timelines and relieve administrative burden of translating and migrating electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments.

Clinical Labeling Case Study

Lionbridge’s core text creation helped a pharmaceutical services company deliver crucial trial information to 5 different countries.

Clinical Investigations and Language Challenges Under the MDR Preparing for the Date of Application

Get Lionbridge’s initial perspectives on the added burden of language translations under MDR.

SSCPs: Next Steps for MDR Compliance From Knowledge to Application

Learn what language elements to consider while developing and translating the Summary of Safety and Clinical Performance.

Some of Our Clinical Trial Sponsors and CROs

Meet Our Clinical Trial Translation Expert

Pia Windelov

Pia is VP of Life Sciences Strategy and Product Marketing. Having worked for almost two decades in R&D and across multiple therapeutic areas in pharmaceutical and MedTech industries, she has extensive knowledge of global regulatory and industry requirements and the end-to-end lifecycle of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. Throughout her career, she managed projects within medical device development, Companion Diagnostics, and clinical drug development. She was also a key contributor to the Good Lay Summary Practice guidance published on EudraLex, Volume 10, as part of the Clinical Trials guidelines under the EU Clinical Trials Regulation. Educated in linguistics, intercultural communication, and project management, Pia bridges Life Sciences and linguistics to help customers solve complex and regulated language challenges.

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