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Digital Marketing for Successful Global Campaigns, Sites and Apps

Lionbridge’s expertise in localization, content creation and search will enable you to drive sales in any language for any market.

Expand Your Reach Through Global Digital Marketing Services

Create highly effective campaigns and pages that continuously perform well. 

As a digital marketer, you want your products and services to appeal to people in multiple markets all over the world. You want buyers to spend time on your website and purchase your offerings. You know it’s critical to provide compelling content in their native language. Extensive research finds that consumers strongly prefer to interact in their mother tongue and are unlikely to buy your products unless you communicate with them in their preferred language. Source: “Can’t Read Won’t Buy — B2C,” CSA Research, June 2020.

Is Your Translated Content Underperforming and Unable to Generate a Strong ROI?

Take a moment and evaluate your situation:

These are signs that your content strategy requires an approach that goes beyond translation. Translation can be inadequate when it’s unable to capture regional differences and misses local search behavior. You need a thoughtful content optimization strategy that is executed flawlessly. 

We can help your team optimize key web pages and messaging to perform well in all global markets so you can increase your return on investment in all your languages. As a leader in the digital marketing and multimarket marketing space, global brands trust us to help them produce culturally suitable content so they can sell into a global market. We help them scale their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to an international level, often working alongside existing local agencies or inhouse teams to bolster local results into international achievements.    

Use Lionbridge Services to Optimize Content, Enhance Website Performance and Unleash the Power of Multimedia Communications

Optimized Content Services

Do you need great search results in multiple countries? You may fail to produce content that is highly customized to the people in your target markets if you solely rely on translation. We offer three content optimization service levels to enable you to perfect the content on your website, achieve your content goals and budget judiciously. Learn how to select a combination of our services to best meet all your marketing needs and prevent unnecessary expenditures.

Global Digital Experience Assessments

How are customers interacting with your brand? Is your site providing digital experiences that help sales? You’ll be able to answer these questions through our Global Digital Experience Assessment. With this suite of services, you can audit your customers’ digital experiences across all your digital channels and locales. We’ll help you to enhance digital experiences, determine which content to invest in and what markets to pursue.

Multimedia Services

How would you like to drive more traffic to your site, experience better conversion rates and generate revenue faster? Incorporating localized video into your multilingual marketing campaigns can go a long way towards that effort. According to the Wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics 2021 report, 84% of people say brand videos influenced them to purchase a product or service. To help you quickly produce videos that are both on point and cost effective, we offer services that range from transcription to video creation and everything in between. Our end-to-end multimedia services will enable you to reach any audience in any language at an emotional level to drive action.   

App Store Optimization

App store entries give you a limited space to show your worth. This short text needs to attract users from search and convert them, resonating with both top and bottom of funnel prospects. It’s one of the most valuable pieces of content you’ll write for your app, so it needs to be perfect.

Our app store optimization services ensure that your text is informative, persuasive, and search-friendly in every new market and language you target. We use a range of content optimization services, including extensive in-market keyword research, to ensure that your text is easy to find and ready to convert new users in each new language. Whatever your target audience, we’ll find the right phrases and tone of voice to turn them into customers. 

Global Digital Marketing Resources

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Meet Our Digital Marketing Experts

Kajetan Malinowski

Kajetan Malinowski is Senior Director of Proposition Management for Lionbridge. He is responsible for Lionbridge’s product strategy and for developing an AI-enabled localization platform. Kajetan holds an MBA from UQAM / Warsaw School of Economics.

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Brendan Walsh

Brendan Walsh is Global Technical Search Subject Matter Expert for Lionbridge and works with multi-national companies on their global SEO strategies. He also collaborates with Lionbridge’s marketing team on technology and strategy. Brendan is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin.   

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