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Creating high quality technical content that conveys your message requires specialized skill and attention. We have over 30,000 technically qualified content and language experts in a broad range of industries and ISO-certified global production facilities. We’ll help you strategize, create, illustrate, validate, and publish the highly technical content your business requires, including:

  • Technical Publication Development

  • Technical Training and eLearning

  • Illustrations and Graphics

  • Multimedia Content and 3D Procedures

  • Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) Content

  • Technical Translation

Companies that care about the highest quality turn to Lionbridge to support them with end-to-end technical documentation services. Whoever the audience, we make sure your content can be easily understood in any language.


Data Security and Quality Control

Technical content for highly regulated industries needs to be accurate, thoroughly controlled, and secure.  

Lionbridge relies on quality people and Technology to deliver effective localization and internationalization. Our tools enable us to build connections through language and to deliver on time and for a broad range of customers in every industry.

Our Trust team exists to guarantee that Security and Privacy are thoughtfully included in every aspect of our Technology and that our people are security- and privacy-aware. As an ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified l10n and i18n provider, Lionbridge ensures that our technology and our users act within the moral, ethical, and legal boundaries that we uphold as a company worthy of our customers’ trust.

Our rigorous quality control standards, business processes, and Global Privacy Program ensure that sensitive data is handled only by approved, experienced personnel. We design solutions and can deliver capabilities on-site, off-site, off-shore, or a combination thereof to suit your business, data and security needs.

Why Choose Lionbridge?

Lionbridge has helped some of the world’s leading companies to tell their stories. Depend on our robust infrastructure, talent network, and innovative approach for your optimal technical content.

Technical Content Services

Lionbridge offers a full suite of technical content services to support you through the entire content lifecycle.

Technical Content Development

Creating clear and concise technical content can be challenging when the subject matter is complex. Our experts will work with your conceptual materials and engineering data to produce a wide array of technical documentation. From repair procedures and schematic diagrams to product maintenance documentation and online help articles, Lionbridge will ensure that your content is of the highest quality and easy to understand in any language.

Technical Translation

No matter where they are in the world, your partners, stakeholders, employees, and customers should be able to understand your content. Lionbridge goes beyond simple text translation to ensure your technical and multimedia content is aligned with industry specifications and tailored to local audiences. Our localization methodology produces accurate, engaging, and culturally relevant materials so your content reads natively in every language.

Illustration, Animation, and Modeling

Multimedia plays a key role in enabling audiences to comprehend and retain complex information. Similarly, illustrations are a crucial piece in the technical content puzzle. Lionbridge deploys state-of-the-art 3D model capture and digital markup tools to produce illustrations, animations, and models to support your publications. Our specialists are well-versed in industry standard isometric projection, traditional style perspective projections, exploded parts drawing, and more.

Technical Training and eLearning

Employee education and training is a critical part of any business. Using proven instructional design methodology, our team of 500,000 experts will create your training materials with the audience in mind to ensure that content is appropriate, memorable, cohesive, and compelling. Our end-to-end training and eLearning services will support the full content lifecycle from curriculum design to publishing and beyond. We'll also help you translate your training materials to provide local audiences with a stellar learning experience.

Functional Testing Services

Content, product, and service functionality are paramount to any business. Ensure you can deliver on customer needs and commitments with our testing and support services. We meticulously validate and confirm alignment with all specified requirements, reinforcing their market readiness and competitive edge to enhance performance ROI.  

Technical Data Support Services (TDSS)

Data infrastructure can make a huge impact on your production speed and time to market. With our scalable solutions, you can manage your data stream without increasing headcount. Give your internal teams the space to focus on core tasks while we take care of project management, data warehousing, pipeline development, and value stream mapping. Our solutions work remotely or on-site and range from simple tracking and reporting to custom tool creation tailored to your unique business needs.

Mirka Case Study

Read this Mirka case study to learn how Lionbridge’s content translation for global marketing materials used automated, streamlined workflows to reduce workload and ensure accurate, consistent translation.

What does the technical content lifecycle look like? An Automotive Case Study

Lionbridge is a strategic partner for creating personalized content experiences in any market. We provide support for the entire content process — from creation to transcreation to multichannel distribution.

Follow this automotive customer journey to see how we provide end-to-end services for every point in that journey and how you can benefit from working with us.


As customers conduct online research and begin to narrow down their vehicle choices, you need on-point, multilingual messaging that allows you to be found online easily and resonate with consumers at an emotional level. You’ll also need to effectively answer consumer questions in real time and offer enhanced online content to reproduce the test drive experience digitally.

To find and connect with consumers, Lionbridge:

  • Creates superior content from scratch
  • Transcreates marketing content
  • Develops social media content
  • and Optimizes your search engine presence (SEO)

Our multilingual chatbots, multimedia, and VR services improve brand favorability by meeting communication expectations, answering critical questions efficiently, and showcasing technological sophistication.


In order to successfully sell a vehicle, you’ll need personnel who are savvy and knowledgeable to close the deal. We ensure that your salespeople are well-prepared product experts by the time prospective customers reach the showroom.

To improve the customer experience and promote sales, we deliver:

  • Award-winning sales training
  • Interactive online and mobile eLearning modules
  • Website and Digital content assets
  • Product brochures, displays, leaflets, and other traditional marketing collateral

Post Sales

Once customers have purchased a vehicle, it’s important that they have access to easy-to-understand user information, as well as the manufacturer's dealer network for maintenance and repair.

To ensure that the manufacturer's dealer network have technical information readily available to maintain and service customers’ vehicles, we provide:

  • Maintenance and repair procedures
  • Warranty Labor Times
  • Service bulletins
  • Training and eLearning materials
  • Interactive Parts Catalogs
  • Owner's Literature

and Beyond

The automotive industry is constantly evolving. Vehicles are now complex digital products that link hardware with software to shape the future of mobility. Manufacturers strive to stay ahead of the curve with research and innovative technologies to support the burgeoning hybrid and EV market.

Lionbridge creates content from scratch to address technical, marketing, and maintenance needs as the industry continues to evolve.

To help manufacturers stay ahead of the curve, we:

  • Develop content to support new offerings
  • Simulate solutions while in development
  • Manage content streams
  • Provide real-time translation and transcreation services in 300+ languages

Technical Content FAQs

Here are the answers to questions our customers frequently ask.

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