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Lionbridge offers end-to-end support across the full e-commerce lifecycle, helping businesses increase online sales and win new markets.

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Multilingual Content to Drive E-Commerce Sales

E-commerce sites in only one language can miss out on clients looking for product details in their own language. With our expertise in localization and digital technologies, Lionbridge delivers optimized content for any audience, in any language. We are able to:

  • Design and develop new content, or update and repurpose existing content
  • Support content creation in more than 100 languages and dialects
  • Draw upon our network of more than 500,000 linguists from around the world to deliver multilingual, market-optimized text, images and video

Global E-Commerce Resources

The E-Commerce Disruption Series: Delivering an Online Shopping Experience in Any Language With Speed and Efficiency

Lionbridge integrates with any e-commerce platform to streamline your translation process and help you achieve e-commerce success

The E-Commerce Disruption Series: How Lionbridge Helps a Leading German Luxury Fashion Retailer Reach its Online Global Buyers

And why efficient, high quality translations of product descriptions (SKUs) are essential for global e-commerce

6 Telltale Signs You’re Not Optimizing Your Multilingual E-Commerce Websites

Lionbridge’s global search expert shares tips to set yourself up for e-commerce success.

How COVID-19 is Changing the E-Commerce Landscape

Learn about the current challenges and opportunities for e-commerce due to COVID-19.

When Retailers Go Global, They Need to Get Local [Infographic]

How can global retailers meet customer expectations around the world? Localizing your content is key.

10 Emerging Languages of Global Consumers

As millions of multilingual consumers engage in retail, are you sure your brand can communicate?


A Buyer’s Guide for Marketers

10 steps easily determine whether a localization provider has the expertise and experience you need.

Onboarding for Marketers

Learn what's needed for a more effective onboarding process.

How to Get Found on the Crowded Digital Shelf

Explore how the e-commerce space has changed a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What You Need to Know About Translations for Europe

Why you need a thoughtful approach to translation for e-commerce success

We deliver market-optimized product content, automation and technology to optimize your content creation process, as well as technical SEO consulting and multilingual solutions for your Customer Service team.

Content and Transcreation Services for Personalized Online Shopping

A key trend in e-commerce is personalization. Our market-optimized content creation services develop and deliver global content that connects deeply with your customers—and keep pace with changing technology, customer journeys and expectations.


SEO and Schema for Multilingual E-Commerce Websites

Build powerful product pages for your e-commerce site—and ensure return on investment for your content—with our multilingual SEO expertise. We'll also show you how structured data (like schema on product pages) helps tell search engines more about your products.


Multilingual Customer Service Solutions for E-Commerce

Access our real-time translation and over-the-phone-interpretation services to instantly increase the reach and efficiency of your Customer Service team.


Technology to Automate E-Commerce Processes

Our leading-edge technology helps automate processes and increase speed and efficiency—and connects seamlessly with your existing e-commerce and product information management (PIM) systems.


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