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Multilingual content and optimized technology: The winning combination for e-commerce success.

Open an online store, and the world becomes your customer base — but only if you reach the hearts and minds of global customers from different cultures with unique sensibilities.

How can you ensure your e-commerce initiatives are successful?

  • Communicate in your customers’ native languages before, during, and after you make sales.
  • Personalize your content to be culturally relevant and resonate with each target audience.
  • Optimize your multilingual website for an outstanding customer experience.

Our localization and digital technology experts enable you to deliver compelling content and superior shopping experiences for any audience, in any language, to support your global e-commerce goals. 

How Lionbridge Helped Dorel Juvenile Bring Products to European Markets Faster

Lionbridge provided multi-faceted services for a retail supplier of children’s goods, including translating the following to facilitate online sales: 49 European websites, product descriptions for online shops on Amazon, and social media content.

Why bother translating and localizing your e-commerce content?

A survey of 8,709 consumers in 29 countries found that 65% of buyers prefer to purchase a product when the content is in their local language, and 40% will not buy products in non-native languages.

(Source: “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy – B2C,” CSA Research, June 2020)

The E-Commerce Center of Excellence to Deliver Exceptional Online Shopping Experiences to Your Customers

How do you ensure a customer has a positive experience with your brand? How do you motivate that customer to make an online purchase? Start with compelling content delivered quickly across all your languages and markets. The Lionbridge E-Commerce Center of Excellence adds value to every step in your customers’ buying journeys — from the first moments of engagement to after-sales support — to help you bolster customer loyalty, achieve cost savings, and increase sales.

Lionbridge’s E-Commerce Services

We deliver content, customer service, and technology-related solutions to maximize e-commerce sales.

Content Translation, Localization, and Transcreation Services for Personalized Online Shopping

Design and develop new content or update and repurpose existing content that will connect deeply with your customers. Our network of more than 500,000 linguists worldwide delivers multilingual, market-optimized text, images, and video  in 100+ languages and dialects.

Multilingual Customer Service Solutions for E-Commerce

Access our real-time translation and over-the-phone interpretation services to instantly increase the reach and efficiency of your customer service team.

Technology to Automate E-Commerce Processes

Use our AI-powered technology to automate processes and increase speed and efficiency. Our cutting-edge platform, Lionbridge Language Cloud™, connects seamlessly with your existing e-commerce and Product Information Management (PIM) systems.

We Work With Some of the Biggest Brands in the World

“From our onboarding experience to our continued work together, it is apparent that Lionbridge is a customer-oriented organization. Because of Lionbridge’s services, we can process and deliver content quickly through a centralized system and ultimately bring our products to market faster. In today’s competitive climate, that type of workflow is essential for success.” — Michael Matheij, Team Lead Marketing Content, Dorel Juvenile

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