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Automotive Translation Services

Localize your software, content and devices to connect with drivers across the globe

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Help every customer feel at home behind the wheel

Whether in-car or online, automotive translation can help you create a first-class customer experience

In an ever more competitive global market, an experience that feels tailor-made for each customer is essential. Your customers expect excellence at every touchpoint, whether that’s in your latest TV ad, thumbing through your service manuals, or behind the wheel of their brand new vehicle. Every single interaction needs to feel personal, delivered to perfection in your client’s native tongue. To fulfill those expectations, you need a localization partner you can trust to produce content from all across the automotive life cycle that satisfies these high expectations without diluting your brand’s unique offering.


Lionbridge has decades of experience working with the world’s leading auto manufacturers and aftermarket vendors. We provide automotive translation solutions for every use case from the factory to the showroom, helping the world’s biggest car companies to comply with regulations, localize their technology and translate their content. Whether you’re looking to localize in-car software or build a website that pulls in prospective buyers from across the planet, get in touch to find out how our relentless focus on quality can delight your customers with a seamless experience.


Our Automotive Customers

Technical Writing

Create, translate and localize technical content for the automotive industry either online or on-site, including motor vehicle service manuals, car part catalogs, training manuals and more.

Automotive Services

eLearning and Training

Equip your Global HR and Compliance teams with clear and accurate training materials localized for any global market. Help your customers, employees and academy to make the most of your products with interactive online training modules, games and videos.

Multimedia Localization

Reproduce the test drive experience digitally with engaging multimedia content that functions and performs beautifully across all your target languages.

Website Localization

Maximize your website’s reach and attract buyers in all geographic regions with persuasive messaging, captivating multilingual content and an intuitive custom design for each new market.

Document Translation

Translate any type of document from product brochures and leaflets to car service manuals and part catalogues in collaboration with our expert automotive translation team.

Software, App and Device Localization

Localize your automotive software for both clients and employees by working with our UX designers and qualified translators to create a flawless experience in each local market.




Multilingual Digital Campaigns

Capture potential clients at any stage of the buyer journey by working with our global digital marketing team to improve your search rankings and create multilingual content that stays true to your brand’s voice.

Functional & Linguistic Testing

Verify that your software and hardware meets all functional requirement specifications with our comprehensive range of functional testing frameworks, or use our linguistic testing services to ensure that your content is error-free and indicative of your brand voice.

HMI Localization

Adapt your in-car systems for use in any language through UX/UI string localization, audio testing and voice control development.

Marketing, Copywriting and Transcreation

Attract new customers in a range of global markets through transcreation of your marketing materials, or order custom content for each region from our native copywriters.

The Lionbridge Automotive Center of Excellence Guide

Discover how Lionbridge can help you meet your global language requirements at every stage of the customer journey.

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