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The resurgence of tourism presents a newfound opportunity for the travel & hospitality industry. Take off with travel translation and localization services.

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Language Services: Your Ticket To Captivating Global Travelers

We help companies deliver culturally relevant and authentic brand experiences along the complete traveler’s journey, from dreaming and planning to booking and experiencing.

COVID-19 had a particularly devastating impact on the travel industry, but the worst is over, and travel is booming once again.

According to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in 2023, international tourism nearly recovered entirely from the damaging effect of the pandemic. A projected 4.7 billion people will travel during 2024. How will you capture your fair share of this market?

We help airlines, hotels, and travel research and booking sites sell more seats, fill rooms, stack tours, and make lasting connections by offering a personalized experience at each touchpoint, whether customers engage via mobile, web, chat, phone, or email.

Let us help you deliver culturally meaningful and genuine brand interactions along the complete traveler journey.

AI in Use

How a luxury resort chain leveraged AI to create global content.

Charting the Course to Success

Since 2008, Lionbridge has helped Royal Caribbean translate its content into 7 languages over 14 regions, supporting customers in 243 countries. When the brand recently decided to modernize its global content platform, it tapped Lionbridge as its digital transformation partner. The goal? Centralize all site content in one place, optimize translation workflows, and enhance the user experience to drive traffic and sales. Watch our video case study or read the blog to learn more.

“It is very important to us that our communications, as well as marketing efforts, help to enhance [our] brand experience.”

Danica Wong,
Direct and Email Marketing Manager, Hawaiian Airlines

A Unique Translation Solution

With over half of global search engine queries posed in languages other than English, translating and localizing content has become essential for international destinations. ArrivalGuides is the world’s largest supplier of destination content, with a network of over 340 travel brands. They needed a meticulous translation and localization provider to help their destination partners maximize their multilingual global marketing efforts. Lionbridge created a unique CMS-based translation solution, enabling users to translate content into 20+ languages on demand.

Watch our video case study or read our blog to learn more.

Our Travel & Hospitality Customers

Travel & Hospitality Language Services

Our comprehensive language services cater to the travel & hospitality industry. We enable your location, brand, product, or service to appeal to prospective global travelers seeking their next adventure.

Discover how to stand out from the competition through numerous travel-related services.

Website Localization and Optimization

Turn your website into a revenue-generating machine with our comprehensive multilingual website localization and optimization services.

Create a highly resonant customer experience worldwide with multilingual website design and international SEO, maximized digital ad spend, and top-notch localized content containing brand messaging that resonates across buyers, languages, and cultures, starting with their first interaction.

Global Digital Marketing

Stay relevant with your global audiences, meet your marketing goals, and control your costs and schedules with our global digital marketing services.

Our team provides the necessary language, cultural, and technical expertise to translate your documents and other marketing materials accurately for successful multilingual digital campaigns. Ensure your content is free of linguistic errors, has precise meanings and styles, and reflects your brand voice with our first-class linguistic testing services.

Software, App, and Device Localization

Save time, money, and the need to rework content during software and app localization with our insights and optimized processes.

We effectively adapt your content and tools for the target language and culture by thoroughly understanding how end users will best interact with your product.

Multimedia Translation and Localization

Expand your reach and the impact of your multimedia content with our comprehensive video translation, localization, and transcreation services.

We offer everything from locally relevant images to accurate subtitles and studio-quality audio and video production to enable your multimedia content to shine.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Enable effective multilingual communication and enhance Customer Experiences (CX) with our Over-the-Phone Interpretation services.

Our expert linguists — adept at 380+ languages — provide real-time chat and community support to bridge language gaps, help you increase the speed and efficiency of customer interactions, decrease the use of your customer service representatives, and yield better CX at a lower cost.


Be sure your customers find your app, product, or service usable and enjoyable with Lionbridge’s testing services.

Our User Experience (UX) testing tools ensure positive interactions with your product by anyone, anywhere. Our global mobility testing provides a consistent user experience in every market. Our functional testing verifies that software and hardware products meet all functional requirement specifications..

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European Tourism Case Study

Discover how Lionbridge used social listening and other digital strategies to deliver tailored, multilingual messaging for safety-conscious travelers.

Anatomy of Today's Global Traveler [INFOGRAPHIC]

What does today's global traveler look like? What do modern trends mean for global travel and hospitality brands? We explore these questions in our Infographic.

The Traveler's Digital Journey

To resonate with today's digital traveler, you must personalize for every customer, in every language, everywhere.

Capturing Wanderlust: Capitalizing on Micro-Moments

Savvy brands will take charge of the digital traveler’s many purchasing touchpoints, or micro-moments, inserting themselves as the perfect option among the many decisions travelers make in their purchasing journeys.

Kuoni Case Study

Kuoni needed an improved system for localizing their travel brochures. Discover how flexible, secure translation management lightened their translation management burden and accelerated travel brochure production.

Making Travel Feel Safe Again With Professional Translation Services

As countries removed travel restrictions due to COVID-19, it became incumbent upon tourism bureaus and travel & hospitality providers to make their customers be — and feel — safer. Professional translation services proved to be an important tool in that effort.

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