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8 Traits of a Great Translator

Without translators, businesses and individuals alike would face barriers built by language. With translators, language becomes a bridge connecting the multilingual world. Check out the… Read more »


What Does an On-Site Interpreter Do?

Court and legal interpreters bring their linguistic expertise to firms for interviews, depositions, and direct and cross examinations. Learn about the key roles these bilingual… Read more »


Lionbridge Hires Tony Stoupas as new CTO

Today, Lionbridge, a global leader in localization and data training, announced that former Moody’s Corporation executive Tony Stoupas has joined the company as chief technology… Read more »


Transcreation Quality—What Defines It?

Transcreation recreates the objectives and emotional impact of content from one language to another. But what defines high-quality transcreation?


How to Become a Translator

Translation builds bridges between different cultures and communities through language. You can contribute to this mission by becoming a professional translator or interpreter. Learn how… Read more »


10 English Phrases That Don’t Translate

When writing for global business, English phrases that don’t translate can cause confusion in other cultures. Here are common 10 idioms to keep in mind.


Meet the Pride: Branislav Sulovsky

Join us as we head over to our headquarters in Warsaw, Poland to meet Project Management Group Manager, Branislav Sulovsky.


How Translation Ties Into AI Development

Learn the importance of translation tools, artificial intelligence development, and how the two are connected, with Lionbridge. Download the whitepaper for even more.


Meet the Pride: Samantha O’Connor

Come with us to our headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts to meet Global Community Experience Manager, Samantha O’Connor.


The Lionbridge Difference

Gain fast, scalable, top-quality translation and AI services with your globally trusted language service provider, Lionbridge.


Meet the Pride: Marc-Antoine LePage

Have you met Lionbridge Recruiter Marc-Antoine LePage? You can find this four-year lion in Tampere, Finland collaborating with his team or connecting with colleagues over… Read more »


Meet the Pride: Jessica Hamel

Join us as we travel to Brossard, Canada to meet the Lionbridge Global Program Manager, Jessica Hamel.