Video Localisation & Production

It’s no longer enough to find a website translator; to make the most of your global reach you need to customise your video content to resonate with local cultures.

Engage New Audiences with Video Translation and Localisation

Producing and releasing new video content in multiple global markets simultaneously can be a real challenge both in terms of logistics and linguistics. Working with a collection of different vendors is costly, and over time can dilute the essence of an idea.

What resonates in one country may not work in another. The translators for your website and video content must be aware of these cultural nuances and advise you on how to adapt your message so that it works well in each individual market.

From ideation to delivery – and at every point in between – Lionbridge can produce region-centric multimedia that will successfully communicate your message within specific cultures. We do this efficiently, cost-effectively and without a lot of re-editing, saving you time and money.

Throughout the process, you’ll get global consistency, local engagement, and linguistic expertise.

Lionbridge Global Video Translator

Ensure your video content resonates across regions and channels with Lionbridge's transcreation, global expertise, and local market knowledge.

Let us help you with:

  • Dubbing: If you have the original video source files with a separate voice-over (VO) track, we’ll professionally re-record the VO in the localised target language. Our services will then simply replace the source-language audio track with the target-language translation in the original video file.
  • Subtitles: If your video includes people speaking on screen, can sometimes be faster and less expensive if you use subtitles. We’ll localise your subtitles so that they cover the corresponding audio/visual content in sync with the action – delivering on time and on budget.
  • Voice-overs: Voice-over is another localisation option we offer for videos which show people speaking on screen. With this technique, the volume of the source-language audio track is simply faded back and a louder, target-language track is laid over it.
  • Graphic text: If your video includes on-screen text, graphics with overlaid text, animated text, or text elements in animations, we can remove the original text or graphic elements, localise them, and then re-create and replace them in your target-language video.

Lionbridge Global Video Producer

From pre-production to production through to post-production, get cost-efficient, end-to-end solutions for all your multimedia and video communications, including:

  • Ideation: storyboards, style frames (look and feel, script)
  • Shoot: on-location video shoots
  • Graphics: 2D animation, 3D modelling, graphics & illustration
  • Editing: colourising
  • Localisation: translation, subtitling, voice-over recording
  • Global Delivery: customer delivery and/or media planning, media trafficking, analytics

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