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Case Study: Culturally Relevant Content Creation at Scale

The synergy between Lionbridge’s community and team of graphic designers, copywriters, and creative strategists resulted in culturally resonant creative template designs for a global hyperscale technology company

While members of Lionbridge's community may be best known for their exceptional translation services, they are far from being single-skill specialists. Their ability to provide cultural consulting in creative content creation services  enables them to offer solutions to numerous business challenges.

A case in point was their assistance in helping our creative team create culturally nuanced design concepts  for one of our global hyperscale technology customers. These community members’ deep cultural knowledge was instrumental in providing creative direction to design teams  so they could bring authenticity and relevance to their visual designs centered around holidays, festivals, and other cultural events in India.

The collaboration resulted in our customer’s ability to provide an abundance of highly appealing, ready-made assets tailored to meet the everyday needs of their target audience comprised of laypeople, ranging from small businesses requiring marketing materials and students and young adults who enjoy creating designs for their personal use in education and social media. The community’s ability to provide thoughtful cultural strategy ensured that the assets resonated with its intended users through a personalized experience.

Read our case study to learn more about the cost-effective content development solution that yielded highly creative results in bulk.

“You guys rock. In just a couple of quarters, you’ve helped us advance so much further than where we were.”

— Principal Product Manager of a Global Hyperscale Technology Company

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Janette Mandell