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What are AI Prompt Engineering Services?

(And does your company need them?)

AI prompt engineering services can be a powerful element of GenAI language services. These AI solutions make the interactions between humans and their AI tools productive and seamless, whether they’re performing AI content optimization, AI translation, localization, etc. Interested in learning more about AI prompt engineering services and why companies use them? Read our blog.

What are AI Prompt Engineering Services?

AI service companies help customers write and structure textual commands and responses for their Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs can use these prompts to generate desired text or images. Ideally, the LLMs (which include tools such as GPT-4, Gemini, Dall-E2, etc.) are “taught” how to generate output that better fits the company’s needs over time. This output typically includes more useful content for marketing purposes, digital presence, communications with customers, etc.

AI prompt engineering services include:

  • Assistance training an LLM
  • Initial creation of prompts
  • Evaluation steps at the end

Many AI service providers will evaluate prompts, checking their efficacy and relevance.

Lastly, AI prompt engineering services may help add AI self-correction measures to the prompts pre-emptively, or to a first round of output that must be refined. As they work with customers over time, AI prompt engineering services may help customers assemble a useful prompt library for future projects.

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Why Do Companies Need AI Prompt Engineering Services?

Prompt engineering is crucial because it helps companies use their LLMs to reliably generate content that is accurate, high-quality, and free from bias or offensive ideas or images.

Accuracy: Sometimes, AI tools “hallucinate,” or include incorrect information in content. These hallucinations may seriously damage a company’s credibility. Prompt engineering services help train and evaluate AI tool performance to ensure the engines only create error-free output.

High-quality: Companies typically have their own style standards. They also frequently have a brand voice and deeply researched buyer personas. Unfortunately, AI tools may not adhere to all these expectations. AI prompt engineering helps companies train their LLMs to understand and adhere to their standards, just like a Marketing team member.

Offensive imagery or text: This can happen in any language but is particularly likely to occur during AI translation, AI localization, or multilingual content creation. Here are some examples:

  • Inappropriate colors for messaging. Color meaning varies drastically from culture to culture. White indicates purity in America, but it’s often associated with funerals in India.

  • Non-inclusive gendering. Some people may prefer nonbinary pronouns, but they aren’t easily translated from language to language. An AI tool may read nonbinary pronouns as plural pronouns instead. Worse, it may correct those pronouns to masculine or feminine. This could confuse or even alienate audiences.

  • Offensive imagery. While a thumbs-up gesture is positive in Western cultures, it isn’t in others. In some Middle Eastern cultures, this gesture is very rude and aggressive.

AI prompt engineering services can help train an LLM and prevent any offensive elements in its output.

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Here’s how Lionbridge recently conducted a pilot project to put AI prompt engineering services into action to assist a client:

AI Prompt Engineering for a Luxury Resort Chain:

1. Lionbridge’s AI and content creation experts worked with the customer to identify a way to cost-effectively update their marketing content. They also needed a solution to make their content more personalized for specified demographics and to quickly and cost-effectively translate it to reach a multilingual, global audience.

2. Lionbridge’s AI experts provided prompt engineering. They trained the luxury resort chain’s LLM with relevant materials, including the company’s style guides and brand standards. Then, Lionbridge’s team developed prompts that would order the LLM to create marketing material with a consistent brand voice, accurate translations, and alterations depending on the target demographic.

3. Lionbridge’s subject matter experts conducted post-editing of AI output for quality and linguistic accuracy.

4. The customer found great success creating high-quality multilingual content, but with lower labor costs

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Interested in exploring AI prompt engineering services for generating your marketing content, AI content optimization, AI translation, localization, or other projects? Lionbridge is a leader in GenAI language services, with over ten years of experience using AI technology predecessors. We’re also deeply invested in ensuring trustworthy AI content and services that are always secure. Rely on our seamless integration of cultural and linguistic expertise, combined with extensive AI expertise and training, to take your content to new levels and markets. Let’s get in touch.

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