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Medical Devices – Corporate Translation Services

We have the facilities, scale, and diverse industry portfolio to service all your content types. 

Lionbridge offers ready-made solutions for med-tech companies entering global markets. Trust us to service your traditional content types and help you meet all your medical device translation requirements. Lionbridge has state-of-the-art Smart MT™ and Smart Content™ solutions to handle high volumes and more diverse content. We’re ready for your:

Shared services


Corporate communications



The MDR and IVDR Language Challenges

The EU MDR and IVDR are both in effect. Discover how the two regulations create parallel language needs.

Lionbridge’s Medical Devices Corporate Translation Services Thought Leadership

We understand the complexities and regulatory challenges of life sciences medical device translations. More from our experts:

Machine Translation as a Service in Life Sciences

Machine translation is crucial for life science businesses. Learn more about how it’s embedded in daily processes.

The Connected Enterprise: Plain Language and Healthcare

Creating plain language for healthcare is a complex task. Regulatory guidance is often insufficient or too late to be helpful. How can streamlined language processes improve readability efforts?

10 Essential Tips for Writing for Translation

Get our top 10 translation tips for developing global content — and learn how to create source text that translates seamlessly into any language.

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