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Secure Market Access with Pharmaceutical Post-Approval Translation Services

Reliable, innovative language solutions for post-marketing safety surveillance, extensions and variations of marketing authorizations, and market access strategies.

Lionbridge offers reliable, dynamic language solutions at every step in the post-approval setting. Our post-approval pharmaceutical translations provide innovative technology and support for your translation needs associated with safety surveillance and varying regional post-marketing safety translation requirements and commitments. We assist with translations for submitting updated product information, authorization extension, or variation applications. Secure market access with pharmaceutical translations that support your strategic messaging and storytelling. Lionbridge partners with marketing authorization holders, supplying optimal support and value-add language services for all post-approval activities.

The Disruption Series: The Importance of Patient Education

Read about the importance of high-quality, engaging patient materials and patient education to improve medical regimen compliance.

Lionbridge’s Post-Approval Translation Pharmaceutical Thought Leadership

We understand the complexities and regulatory challenges of life sciences pharmaceutical translations. More from our experts:

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Learn how development of a new drug progresses from clinical trials to approval and deployment — and how Lionbridge’s Life Sciences team assists with communication needs.

Machine Translation as a Service in Life Sciences

Machine translation has become crucial for everyday business in life sciences.

Website Geo-targeting Best Practices

Outline four critical technical and localization areas for geo-targeting success.

The Value of a Voice: Incorporating Patient-Reported Outcomes in Research and Practice

Learn why trial sponsors and administrators must learn from patients, not just care providers. Understand the value of patient-reported outcomes in clinical research.

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