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Go to Market Faster with Our Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Translation Services

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Experienced and Proactive Clinical Trial Translation Services for Pharma

Easily plan communications, reach target audiences, and reduce costs.

Shorten time to market and cut costs with Lionbridge’s clinical trial translation services. Plan for the logistics, costs, and complexities of communications for global clinical trial management, investigational medicinal product (IMP) labeling, and clinical outcome assessment (COA) requirements. You can rely on our rigorous quality controls and innovative technology. We have decades of experience handling clinical trial translations across all phases, therapeutic areas, indications, and trial populations. Partner with Lionbridge to ensure your translated communications resonate with target audiences and provide maximum value.

Service Areas

Transitioning to Clinical Trials Regulation

Ensure a less burdensome transition to the CTR. Learn how Lionbridge clinical trial translations can help.

Danish Hemophilia Case Study

Read about how Lionbridge’s language services team helped improve patient outcomes and provided crucial support for chronically ill children.

Lionbridge’s Pharmaceutical Translation Services Thought Leadership

We understand the complexities and regulatory challenges of pharmaceutical translations. More from our experts:

Clincierge Case Study: Patient Retention and Recruitment

How can CROs and trial sponsors provide a smooth participant experience in any language and any geography? Learn how Lionbridge’s speed and accuracy improved the Clincierge workflow.

Biopharmaceutical Clinical Labeling Case Study

Discover how Lionbridge helped a global pharma company handle multilingual clinical labeling challenges, particularly in Hebrew and Asian languages.

Communication Challenges of Decentralized Clinical Trials: Best Practices and Solutions

Get critical guidance for better language planning and trial communication in decentralized clinical trials.

Lessons Learned from the EU Clinical Trials Regulation: Key Best Practices and Tips for Language Requirements

After supporting clients under the new EU CTR for over a year, Lionbridge shares its best practices and tips for complying with this regulation.

COA Case Study: How Lionbridge Helped an eClinical Solutions Company Streamline a Dual-Language Clinical Trial

Learn how Lionbridge helped an eClinical solutions company reach Spanish-speaking trial participants via COA localization, eCOA migration, and licensing services.

Global Biopharma Company Case Study

Read about how Lionbridge helps a global biopharma company provide clinical trial results to its worldwide audiences in lay language.

Gamification for Global Trial Participants

Lionbridge is uniquely suited to localize an innovative app developed by Datacubed Health that uses gaming techniques to retain study participants.

Copyright Permissions for Use of Clinical Outcome Assessments in Clinical Trials

Global copyright laws protect clinical outcomes assessments. Discover how to ensure you have appropriate licensing for use and modification of COAs.

The Importance of Plain Language Communication in Clinical Research

Learn about lay summaries and trial results communication from the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice Chairman of the Board.

The Nuances of COA Translation: Planning Ahead for Better Outcomes

Complex clinical trials require a comprehensive approach to Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs)—and a plan for translation at every step. Learn best practices in our new whitepaper.

4 Digital Tools Helping Today's Clinical Trials

The digital health revolution is touching all aspects of the industry, and clinical trials are no exception. Read on for four digital tools impacting clinical trials today.

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