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Translation and Localization Service Models for a Simplified Solution

Shift your focus to where it matters most – your content.

Translation and Localization Are Complex

We bring simplicity and clarity.

Translation and localization are both an art and science, involving one part language skills and one part technology. Choosing the right solution for your content may have once been a daunting task, but not anymore.  

Lionbridge offers four translation and localization service models to simplify the process and enable you to make the right choice easily.

Need to get a couple of documents into a new language? Then choose translation services. Have a constant stream of diversified content that a global audience needs to consume? Then select localization services. 

Support your content and localization strategy by selecting one service model; alternatively, choose a combination of Lionbridge’s offerings.  

Lionbridge’s Four Service Models

Pick among our four out-of-the-box translation and localization solutions to meet your content goals.

Smaⁱrt MT™ Portal

What is it?

A self-service, real-time text and document translation tool

Who should use it?

Teams and professionals in enterprises working across many geographies and languages who need to understand foreign language texts immediately


What is it? 

An online, self-service translation platform for reliable translations by human translators

Who should use it?

Teams who need to accurately translate simple, ad hoc, or static content for their products or activities

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Lionbridge Cloud

What is it?

A managed localization service that uses state-of-the-art technology and localization workflows, with access to the Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud™ localization platform and a wealth of localization services and connectivity options  

Who should use it?

Product or content owners who need external production to standardize their localization workflows and extend their capacity to handle large, recurring content streams

Lionbridge Enterprise

What is it?

A specialized localization service for non-standard needs 

Who should use it?

Teams who manage localization as an internal business and technology capability and require customized workflows and technology interfaces


How Lionbridge Helped Le Monde Grow Its Global Subscriber Base by Breaking News in English

How can a news organization secure thousands of new subscribers? By providing content in a new language. Le Monde turned to Lionbridge to bring its coverage of the 2022 French presidential election to English speakers. Lionbridge customized a solution to meet Le Monde’s needs.

Translation and Localization Services Powered by Lionbridge Technology

Working with Lionbridge comes with the benefit of Lionbridge’s proprietary technology at no extra cost. Experience intuitive apps and our AI-powered localization platform.

The Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud

The Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud is Lionbridge’s exclusive, second-generation localization platform. It leverages state-of-the-art AI to efficiently route each piece of content to a suitable translator and the proper workflows and automates a big part of localization workflows. It also helps you tap into Lionbridge’s in-house engineering experts. Desktop Publishing (DTP) and localization teams can scale your needs and teams.

Smaⁱrt MT

Smaⁱrt MT is a best-of-breed Machine Translation (MT) that enables you to connect with the five best MT engines on the market. These engines are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, DeepL, and Yandex. You can configure your own set up or let us do it for you. Our Machine Translation customization layer allows you to deploy your terminology and Do Not Translation (DNT) lists across all the engines to help preserve your global brand voice. 


Smaⁱrt Content™

Smaⁱrt Content is our language AI technology. It provides the Laⁱnguage Cloud with all the smarts needed to automate work and help drive efficiency into your global content and localization operations. It is built on more than 25 years of curated data to train the AI that guides localization workflows and provides content insights that enable you to make strategic decisions.

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