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Use our network of experts to collect and analyze data, so your AI works for all your customers—everywhere.

Your technology enhances the human experience. Our humans enhance your technical performance. Whether you’re deploying virtual assistants, piloting new technology, packaging research into cutting-edge products, or just beginning your machine learning journey, we’re your partner.



How We Train Your Machines to Understand Multilingual Voice Search

30 + Languages, More Accurate Search Results

Customers expect speedy, accurate results when they conduct a voice query using our client’s voice-activated search tools—in any language, anywhere. To meet and exceed expectations, our client needed a partner that could collect and annotate hundreds of hours of data to make its technology multilingual.

Data Creation & Collection Services

The data you need to make your smart systems even smarter.

No matter your size, industry, or data needs, you can depend on us to help you collect, aggregate, analyze, and leverage data to make your intelligent machines work better for global customers.



Data Creation and Collection

Demographic Participant Recruitment

Do you need to collect data from specific groups of people to train your smart system so it works for everyone worldwide? We recruit, reimburse, and record data for you, all over the world.

Data Creation and Collection

Logistics and Custom Sites

Collecting high-quality data to fuel your AI takes program design experience and logistical finesse. We help you get the planning right, so you can focus on cutting-edge machine learning development.

Data Creation and Collection

Aggregation and Insights

We help you aggregate and analyze your data, uncovering insights that help you make your intelligent machines smarter.

Data Creation and Collection

Client and Procured Devices

Whether you’re building new hardware or creating data using existing technology, you can trust Lionbridge to collect data to your specifications, while keeping your devices and data secure.

Data Annotation Services

Need to make sense of your data? That makes sense.

We annotate and organize your data, so it works as hard for you as you work for your customers.



Data Annotation

Linguistic Feature Tagging

We tag linguistic features for your speech or text analysis, including sentence structure, semantics, part of speech tags, stems, and morphology.

Data Annotation

Gesture and Expression Labeling

We provide natural or standardized descriptions of non-verbal information for direct processing, or as part of a larger image, language, or document understanding system.

Data Annotation

Image and Video Captioning

Besides tagging people, objects, and actions of your pictures and videos, we collect and generate natural language descriptions to your specifications in any language you need.

Data Annotation

Content Moderation

Your reputation needs protection. We help you detect and prevent brand attacks and offensive content produced via chatbots, social media, and customer feedback. This is difficult work, which is why industry leaders have faith in the protections and programs we have in place for our workers.

Efficient Data Labeling for AI

Watch this webinar and in just 45 minutes you will learn three approaches to consider:

  • A combination of Machine Learning and Human in the loop.
  • Techniques like Transfer Learning.
  • Strategies like Active Learning.

Linguistic Services

Depend on our expertise in natural language processing, linguistic staffing, and more.

Our linguistics experts help you diagnose issues, broaden coverage of your new NLP components, identify how customers feel and what they say about you, and develop your chatbots—no matter where you are in the process.




NLP Components and Grammar Creation

You’ve developed new components to process natural language. We help you broaden coverage with lexicons, morphologies, and full grammars in all the languages you need. That’s our superpower.


Sentiment Analysis and Entity Detection

We’ve done it all—from data annotation to component-building. We can help you understand documents, social media, and customer feedback in your industry, by annotating your data in your context, or creating data for your context.


Feature and Component Testing

You want to know why your speech and language features aren’t working. We diagnose issue patterns, so you can generalize solutions for your system. Our computational linguists are trained analysts and problem-solvers who address your problems in one language or many.


Chatbot Development

Whether you’re starting from scratch with no data or updating a mature chatbot, we can help: to create patterns to trigger instant answers for common questions, to analyze longer interactions for faster customer service, and to help your chatbot respond in an authentic voice for all your languages and markets.


Social Media Listening

What are end users saying about you on social networks? We find out, so you can ensure the best possible user experience and maintain brand loyalty.

Ads, Search, and Geo Services

Your search engine needs to show customers what they want, when they want it—all over the world.

We help optimize your search engine, so customers everywhere choose it to find what they seek.



Ads, Search, and Geo

Semantic Search

Your customers know what they’re searching for—do you? With our in-context intent analysis and linguistic feature tagging, your search engine can help customers find exactly what they need.

Ads, Search, and Geo

Relevance, Validation, and Judgments

Do you want to show customers more of what they want, when and where they need it? We’ll set up teams to help determine and validate relevance, whether you need a few local folks or a large global crowd.

Staffing Services

The right people for your project—in any language, for any technology, anywhere.

We help you find the people you need to complete your projects, wherever you need them in the world.




Onsite, Nearsite, Remote, In-Country, Crowd

Our staffing services provide you the experts you need, where you need them: in your offices, in labs we set up to your specifications, or remotely logging into your network.


Raters, Reviewers, Annotators

Do you need people familiar with your technology? We recruit them. How about ordinary people who live in markets you’re exploring? We can find them, too: for judging the relevance of your content, location data, personalized ads, and services. Our vast network allows us to provide you with highly specialized annotators, with expertise across industries, languages, and locales.


Computational Linguists

We have experts in natural language processing, with degrees and experience in syntax, morphology, semantics, phonetics, and computer science. We’ll test them for proficiency in languages you work on, as well as languages you work in.



With extensive experience and training in phonetics and phonology, our phoneticians can rapidly transcribe audio, video, or live speech using industry-standard IPA conventions. They’ll also mark items of interest for your algorithms: speakers, change of language, ambient noise types—whatever your recognition engine needs.

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