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Smaⁱrt MT™: Enterprise-grade Machine Translation

Lionbridge’s Machine Translation solution for businesses addresses multiple language-related challenges to bolster competitiveness

Putting Machine Translation to Work for You 

Want one Machine Translation (MT) solution that can be applied in several ways to significantly enhance the effectiveness of your customer support teams, global employees, and marketing personnel? That’s what Smairt MT, Lionbridge’s Machine Translation solution for enterprises, offers. This vendor-agnostic solution enables your organization to continuously select the best MT engine based on its language pairs and domain for the best quality Machine Translation that leads to better customer experiences, enhanced productivity by global employees, and increased content velocity.

Achieve 60% shorter translation turnaround times, up to 40% cost savings, and now be able to Locailize everything™, so you never have to compromise on your content strategy again.

Read the Smairt MT solution brief to learn how the solution’s features — including speed, flexibility, and security — will benefit your organization.  

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