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Generative AI Use Cases

View our videos to learn numerous ways to use generative AI for translation

Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) are drastically changing how we work. With its promise to enhance worker productivity significantly, it’s no wonder individuals and companies are excited to leverage this powerful technology to its fullest potential.

Consider the following GenAI trends:

  • More than 70 percent of companies surveyed by tech media outlet VentureBeat are dabbling in generative AI, while 18.2 percent of these companies have already incorporated the technology into their operations.
  • Marketers worldwide are optimistic about Artificial Intelligence’s impact, with 73 percent of those surveyed by LinkedIn expressing confidence about implementing AI tools and 74 percent anticipating it will change the way they work in the next year.
  • Salespeople expect GenAI to help them sell more efficiently, though just over half of those surveyed don’t yet know how to capitalize on the technology for their work, according to research by Salesforce.

While there’s an undeniable collective enthusiasm for GenAI, we must know the answer to an essential question to determine generative AI opportunities: What exactly are the technology’s capabilities now in these early stages? It’s a topic Lionbridge is closely examining as we develop GenAI-related products and services to enhance the delivery of language services.

Reach out to discover how Lionbridge can help you save money and increase your bandwidth with generative AI tools.

Watch our videos below to learn how to apply GenAI/LLMs in various ways. Find out how to benefit from this rapidly evolving technology with Lionbridge’s expert guidance.

Generative AI for Content Analysis

GenAI is versatile when it comes to analyzing content during the translation process. We can use the technology to improve the source copy and enhance the output of the target language.


Generative AI for Content Classification

AI is good at classification. When you automate content classification, you free up people to focus on high-value translation activities.


Generative AI for Post-Editing

We can use GenAI technology across the content lifecycle, but it’s particularly suited for post-editing following Machine Translation (MT). It can find errors, such as extra spaces, and suggest better word choices. When automating this part of the translation process, human translators will have less work, making post-editing easier, faster, and more cost-effective.


Generative AI for Style Guides

GenAI is very good at following instructions and can write in a way that adheres to your style guides. Simply specify how you want it to write the copy — for instance, a formal style for a business audience, a friendly tone for customers, or a simplistic manner for people with no background in your topic.


Generative AI for Terminology

GenAI enhances terminology management with its ability to follow terminological instructions. What do you have to gain by using it? Less effort.


Generative AI for Working Code

Coding is now easier since generative AI can understand and follow through on programming requests. As with its other applications, the technology provides time-saving benefits by automating coding.


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Want to use generative AI for your translations? Lionbridge can help you get started. Learn more about generative AI and contact us today.

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