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A strong start to ensure your success

A Unique, Best-in-Class Approach to Customer Onboarding

Customer-centric and AI-driven to help you grow your business

When you partner with Lionbridge, communication is mission-critical. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our teams will work alongside you to create a unique localization strategy that satisfies your business goals.

We’re here to empower your decision-making and deliver a seamless experience. With an appropriate blend of cutting-edge automation and bespoke solutions, our multilingual and multicultural experts will guide you through discovery and consultancy to deployment and beyond.

From Handshakes to Order Submission in 15 Minutes

Need translation now? Our AI-enabled solutions offer rapid product deployment for simple, ad-hoc, or static content and communication needs. Simply get in touch with us to get started in minutes.

Why Lionbridge?

For a Personalized Onboarding Approach, Your Journey Starts Here

From the beginning of your partnership with Lionbridge, we’ll ensure you always know where things are, what to expect, and who’s in your corner.

Driven by the latest technology, our onboarding process is human-led and AI-enabled. While our customer success teams work to map out your journey, our automation systems set up processes, build workflows, and share solutions. With this bespoke technology, we can work efficiently, deliver quickly, and offer the best customer experience from first contact to deployment.


Your business objectives are at the center of it all. On day one, we’ll get to know your goals, map different content journeys, and identify desired customer outcomes. You’ll meet your onboarding team, and together, you’ll set the expectations and success criteria for your partnership.


Once we have a good understanding of your business objectives, we’ll help you map the journey to taking your company global. Whether you're looking for fast, out-of-the-box solutions or an in-depth, tailored strategy, we’ll assemble a best-fit, multidisciplinary cadre of experts to help you get your plan into action.


Lastly, you’ll work with your onboarding team to build efficient processes, integrate our technology into your systems (if needed), and establish regular touchpoints. You’ll always have a partner with whom you can review status reports, ask questions, raise concerns, and get in touch with other Lionbridge experts for additional support.

Connectors and Integration

To get the most from our solutions, you may need to integrate our systems into your current tech stack. In addition to a full portfolio of partners and integrations, Lionbridge manages the connector deployment process to ensure your content does what it needs to do.

We’re dedicated to providing more than just the tech – from configuration and testing to deployment and downstream training, we’ll deliver the support you need for a smooth transition.

"The Smart onboarding approach made working with Lionbridge a success from day one. Their agility and close customer service meant they were able to set up structured workflows quickly, integrate their connectors seamlessly, and scale up over time as our localization needs changed. Through their usage of automation and AI-enabled technologies, Lionbridge has been able to deliver on our fast turnaround requirements. A trusted partner for several years now, we rely on their guidance and expertise as new language challenges arise for our business."

— Senior Localization Director, Luxury Lifestyle Brand

Want to Learn More About Onboarding?

Read our Guide to Onboarding for Localization Buyers and discover the key elements to a successful partnership.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Mirka, an industry-leading, Finnish-based company in the coated and non-woven abrasives industry, partnered with Lionbridge to revamp its global digital marketing strategy. Read the case study to learn how our content and website translation services team empowered the company to expand reach, reduce translation workload, and increase content velocity by developing a fully customized localization strategy.

Onboarding FAQs

Here are the answers to questions our customers frequently ask.

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