When Retailers Go Global, They Need to Get Local [Infographic]

Are you giving global consumers a consistent experience every time they engage with your brand?

A world of possibility exists for global retailers.

As global consumers increasingly embrace omnichannel retail, opportunities for retailers to connect with individual customers skyrocket. But with so many different customers in different regions who speak different languages eager to interact with your brand, how can you ensure a consistent experience every time?

Localization of content on every channel and every device is key. 

As you prepare to capture mind- and wallet-share of a growing global customer base, check out these stats that underscore our point: localize your content to capture sooner, convert faster, and engage longer.

View our full-sized Infographic here.

Ready to get started localizing on a global scale? When you work with Lionbridge, omnichannel capabiliteis are within reach: anytime, anywhere. Learn more.

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Molly Donovan
Molly Donovan