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Our people are our pride, helping companies resonate with their customers for 20+ years. 

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Lionbridge’s Traⁱnslation Community™. More Languages, More Domains of Expertise, and the Most Diverse Community on the Market.

Any language. Any task. Any subject matter. 

A Traⁱnslation Community for the Digital Age

Count on Lionbridge’s unparalleled community to support your omnilingual content engine.

Content creators and localization teams face more work than ever as companies rely on an ever-growing amount of content to preserve and strengthen customer relationships. Even with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Translation (MT), there is a shortage of translators able to localize all the content businesses would like to share with local audiences.

To successfully handle the burgeoning explosion of content, fast-growing companies operating in multiple markets must have access to a diverse and balanced translation community whose members have a wide range of skills across different industries and languages.

For 25 years, Lionbridge has built long-lasting relationships with the most skilled translators and language specialists while also investing in the development of the next generation of translators. 

Traⁱnslation Community

We know a translator. The perfect one just for your content.

The Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud™ uses Smairt Content™ to analyze and route content to the best available translator.  

Smairt Content evaluates the written material and understands its key properties. This analysis then helps the Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud to identify the right translator for the job and automatically route the work to that language specialist. We empower those language experts with insights from Smairt Content. 

Lionbridge’s Diverse Communities Can Meet All Your Language Needs

Our hard-working translators, interpreters, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are the backbone of the localization industry. They solve problems and create meaningful content for people no matter where they reside or what language they speak.

Translators & Agencies

Highly skilled translators who work for agencies often possess many years of localization experience. They are typically trained linguists and translators best suited to work on enterprise content and highly specialized regulated content. They commonly work on predefined projects with established delivery dates and higher quality targets.



Interpreters execute the most difficult type of translation as they are required to convert spoken words from one language to another in real time. Our interpreters can assist with both consecutive and simultaneous translation and can support your live events, meetings, or anything in-between.


Members of the gaming community work to ensure top-notch gaming experiences in any language. Lionbridge’s gaming community supports all things related to gaming, including translation, language testing, test management, and Language Quality Assurance (LQA).


Exceptional People for Exceptional Translations

We have scoured the world to secure highly talented translators who can successfully execute your localization projects in any language. Our commitment to high standards means you can feel confident that our Trainslation Community will meet your project specifications.  

Traⁱnslation Community Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our Trainslation Community? We have the answers. 

How can I become a Lionbridge Translator?

We always welcome skilled translators to our community. To get started, visit our Partners Page

What translation tools or Computer-assisted Translation (CAT) tools do Lionbridge translators use?

Our translators use a wide range of translation tools. They most often use Lionbridge proprietary CAT tools and a Translation Memory system called Translation Workspace. Do you have your own tool and need our community to work in your environment? No problem. Talk to our account executives about how we can work within your systems.

How does Machine Translation (MT) impact a translator’s work?

Machine Translation (MT) will help translators carry out their work. The technology will not eliminate the need for human translation. Here’s why: The amount of content that needs to be translated is growing at an exponential rate while there are not enough professional translators to translate all of it. MT is another efficiency tool that helps automate mundane work and allows translators to focus on more value-added work that requires their expertise.

Our People Are Our Pride

Travel the world and meet members of the Lionbridge Community.

Meet the Community: Alejandro Z.

Meet Lionbridge’s English-to-Spanish Translation Partner from Canada.

Meet the Community: Jagruti Trivedi

Meet Lionbridge’s English, Hindi, and Gujarati Translation Partner from India.


Meet the Community: Connie H.

Meet Lionbridge’s Japanese-to-English Translation Partner from Japan.

Meet the Community: Christina D.

Meet Lionbridge’s Portuguese Interpretation Partner from the United States.

Meet the Community: Dr. Luciano P.

Meet Lionbridge’s Life Sciences Subject Matter Expert from Italy.

Meet the Community: Amrita G.

Meet Lionbridge’s Hindi Language Lead in India.

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A New Way To Think About AI and Localization

Why does Lionbridge embed “ai” in select words? It’s to underscore the important role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays throughout the translation and localization process.

What is Smairt?

The combination of smart and AI points to the evolution of a frictionless localization process as AI learns and enables that process to improve over time.

What is Lainguage?

The combination of language and AI emphasizes the importance of language AI to succeed in a digital-first marketplace by boosting content output and enhancing the quality and performance of that output across more languages. 

What is Trainslation?

The combination of translation and AI refers to the synergy created when AI complements the work of talented translators, which enables companies to handle more content and grow their businesses.

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