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Ready to Cut Costs and Embrace AI for Your Clients’ Cases?

Rely on our legal AI tools for automated, cost-effective, precise legal document translation services.

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AI-Powered Legal Translation to Wow Your Clients

No more stressful deadlines, high costs (save up to 50%!), or unhappy clients

Rely on Lionbridge’s Legal GenAI services to support your clients — faster, cost-effectively, and securely. Our AI-powered automated legal translation services go beyond MT. They will:

  • Impress your clients who demand AI-powered solutions

  • Protect your clients’ data from cyber threats or compromise

  • Benefit from a dedicated team of AI and legal MT experts

  • Process or summarize your largest eDiscovery needs

  • Offer white-glove, customized solutions for formatting, images, and other complexities in your documents

  • Offer more precise, accurate translations

  • Ensure compliance with legal standards and regulations

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