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Translate, localize, and transcreate your content for local relevance at a global scale.

We build bridges of understanding, connecting your message with your global customers in their language, from their point of view, on their time.

No matter what type of content you’ve created—whether it’s highly regulated, on-brand marketing copy, or location-specific—we spearhead its global transformation through best-in-class transcreation, translation, and localization services. As one of the world’s leading translation and localization companies, we infuse your brand voice with cultural insight and linguistic nuance for global relevance, so you have the credibility of a local when connecting with customers.

Lionbridge’s Four Service Models

Pick among our four out-of-the-box translation and localization solutions to meet your content goals.

Smart MT™ Portal

The Smart MT Portal is a self-service, real-time text and document translation app. It’s for teams and professionals in enterprises working across many geographies and languages who need to understand foreign language texts immediately.

Gengo, A Lionbridge Company

Gengo is an online, self-service translation platform for reliable translations by human translators. It’s for teams who must accurately translate simple, ad hoc, or static content for their products or activities.

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Lionbridge Cloud

Lionbridge Cloud is a managed localization service that uses our state-of-the-art localization platform, Lionbridge Language Cloud™. It’s for product or content owners who need external production to standardize their localization workflows and extend their capacity to handle large, recurring content streams.

Lionbridge Enterprise

Lionbridge Enterprise is a specialized localization service for the most sophisticated companies with large and complex localization programs. It’s for teams who manage localization as an internal business and technology capability and require customized workflows and technology interfaces.


Hear from our customers.

"Talking to consumers in their native language is almost like a prerequisite for our premium brand. To have that, we need the support in terms of translations and localizations to accomplish that. That is key in our strategy. Lionbridge really is the hub in our process to launch products and launch translated and localized content out there. Lionbridge helps us with translations, with SEO, and does that with a really efficient and agile process."

Director of Digital Channels, Thule

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