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Transform Your Content to Work Worldwide

Translation. Localization. Internationalization. Inspiration.

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Translate, localize, and transcreate your content for local relevance at a global scale.

We build bridges of understanding, connecting your message with your global customers in their language, from their point of view, on their time.

No matter what type of content you’ve created—whether it’s highly regulated, on-brand marketing copy, or location-specific—we spearhead its global transformation through best-in-class transcreation, translation, and localization services. As one of the world’s leading translation and localization companies, we infuse your brand voice with cultural insight and linguistic nuance for global relevance, so you have the credibility of a local when connecting with customers.



Hear from our customers.

"Talking to consumers in their native language is almost like a prerequisite for our premium brand. To have that, we need the support in terms of translations and localizations to accomplish that. That is key in our strategy. Lionbridge really is the hub in our process to launch products and launch translated and localized content out there. Lionbridge helps us with translations, with SEO, and does that with a really efficient and agile process."

Director of Digital Channels, Thule

Regulated Translation & Localization Services

Partner with the world’s leading translation and localization company when your content has to be right—in any language, any market, and to every audience.

To translate your highly regulated content, you need to ensure it satisfies regulatory requirements and resonates with your global readers. Whether you need legal translation services, financial translation services, or translation services for the life sciences industry, Lionbridge can help.



Regulated Translation & Localization

Clinical Trial Translations

Our clinical trial translation services teams translate the full range of documents related to clinical trials, whether they contain scientific, medical, legal, or plain language content.

Regulated Translation & Localization

Drug Labeling and Validation

We translate and validate primary, secondary, and tertiary labels for investigational drugs, placebo, comparator drugs, or auxiliary medicinal drugs used for clinical protocol endpoints, ensuring your labels comply with all international and FDA drug labeling requirements for generic, OTC, and brand-name medications.

Regulated Translation & Localization

Medical Devices Translation

We translate IFUs (Instructions For Use), product inserts, packaging materials, technical manuals and user guides to keep users of your devices safe and to comply with global translation requirements for medical devices. 

Regulated Translation & Localization


ECOAs, or electronic clinical outcome assessments, are important components of the regulatory process. We translate and validate all types of COAs, support copyright and licensing, and help migrate ECOA services from paper to digital files, facilitating your compliance with ECOA regulations. 

Regulated Translation & Localization

Financial Reports

Exemplary financial reports require the combination of superior writing skills and incomparable business acumen. When you need to draft an annual report, quarterly report, or financial report, you can count on Lionbridge to quickly, securely deliver the nuance of native speakers and the accuracy and consistency of finance experts.

Regulated Translation & Localization

Certified Translation

When you need a certified translation that guarantees accuracy, you need Lionbridge. Our certified translation services team ensures accurate translation of your certified documents with a line-by-line review from an additional expert linguist. We work with certified linguists all over the world to ensure full compliance with local courts.

Regulated Translation & Localization

On-Site Staffing

When you’re involved in complex international business, you need a trusted partner for high-quality language assistance in a new-to-you market. We have the resources and experts to deliver the right on-site solution in as little as 24 hours.

Regulated Translation & Localization

E-Discovery Support

Don’t let foreign-language discovery bury your legal team in millions of pages and exorbitant costs. Our legal and linguistic experts translate content in 350+ languages quickly and cost-effectively with our best-in-class e-discovery platform.

Regulated Translation & Localization

Document Production

When your international legal matter requires documents, charts, schematics, graphs, tables, and images, our document production services team ensures they mirror your original files.

Regulated Translation & Localization


No matter the medium, we can bring words to life worldwide. We ensure accurate, high-quality translation and transcription in every language, everywhere.

Translation and Localization Services

Your company is global—and your audience knows no borders.

For 20+ years, we’ve worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world on translation and localization projects, helping them connect to minds and hearts worldwide. Our team of passionate linguists and innovative technologists helps you resonate with anyone, in any language, anywhere—just the way you intended. That’s why, 20+ years later, Lionbridge is still one of the world’s most trusted translation and localization companies.



Translation & Localization

Website Localization

Your website is one of your most valuable assets. The hub of your online brand, it’s the place where your digital customer experience comes to life. Make sure your message resonates with consumers around the world from their very first interaction, using our comprehensive suite of website localization tools and services.

Translation & Localization

Document Translation

We provide comprehensive translation services for 30+ file types. Our linguistic and subject matter experts ensure your document translations are accurate and on-the-mark.

Translation & Localization

Software, App, and Device Localization

Our insights and optimized processes save you time, money, and rework in the complicated software and app localization process and adapt your content and tools for a given target language and culture. We dig deeper to understand how end users will best interact with your product.

Translation & Localization

Multimedia Localization

We offer complete video and multimedia translation, localization, and transcreation services. From locally relevant images to accurate subtitles and studio-quality audio and video production, we help you expand the reach and impact of your multimedia content.

Translation & Localization


Our terminology team ensures your technical and corporate terminology glossaries comprise an integral and automated part of the translation process. Whether you need help defining your company’s terminology or managing an existing database, we can help.

Translation & Localization


What’s the difference between translation and transcreation? While translation adapts, transcreation recreates to bring true relevance in every language, everywhere. With our transcreation services, you can connect with your audiences in your authentic brand voice in every language, culture, and market.

Interpretation Services

Interpretation On-site. Off-site. Over-the-phone. Via real-time AI-powered chat. Any time. Anywhere. Any channel.

When fast, high-quality interpretation services are mission-critical, Lionbridge is here for you. Our suite of solutions includes over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services, on-site interpretation services, and real-time digital interpretation services powered by our proprietary AI.




Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Our expert linguists in 350+ languages bridge language gaps, enabling effective multilingual communication and better customer experiences. OPI makes your interactions faster and more efficient, using less of your customer service representatives’ valuable time and yielding better CX at a lower cost.


Real-Time Chat

We provide real-time translation for digital channels, adding multilingual capabilities to your existing chat, ticketing, email, forum, knowledge base, and catalogue solutions with our AI-powered technology.

Editing Services

Never miss a word or bend a rule in any language.

With Lionbridge editing services, ensure you’re putting your best foot forward with every piece of content, everywhere.





Our proofreading services give you peace of mind when producing, translating, and disseminating your documents.


Linguistic Editing

Once your document has been translated, you may want validation that your translation matches the quality of your original work. Our linguistic editing services ensure your message is error-free and culturally accurate in every market.

Narrative Services

Here’s the story.

Create a story that thrills, inspires, and excites—in every language and every market.




Narrative Design

We define a game’s core emotional elements (character, theme, and brand identity) at source, so you can quickly adapt them to future individual target markets.




With our storyboarding services, we help you outline the elements of your story for gaming and multimedia production, so your vision comes to life globally.


Language QA Services

Establish a new global standard of language quality.

When you begin adopting a new product for a target locale, make sure you partner with experts to get the Language Quality Assurance your material deserves.



Language QA Services

Linguistic Testing

The pressure to produce voluminous, accurate, on-brand content mounts every day. That pressure can erode quality standards and safeguards, leading to costly inefficiencies and errors—but it doesn’t have to.


Multilingual Marketing Services

Master the multilingual digital experience.

With Lionbridge’s marketing translation services, you’ll centralize your multilingual and multicultural marketing efforts and yield more locally targeted, culturally appropriate, personally relevant campaigns—more quickly, easily, and repeatably.



Multilingual Marketing Services

Multilingual Content Optimization 

Get noticed and reach your global customers at an emotional level through our multilingual content optimization services. Lionbridge’s global digital marketing services team will work with you to enhance global search results, transform existing content to outperform the content on your competitors’ sites or create new material that will resonate with your target audience.   

Multilingual Marketing Services

Global Digital Experience Assessments

Grow your global revenue by measuring localization and content ROI and enhancing customer engagement through our Global Digital Experience Assessments. Let us examine your technology and content to give you actionable insights and recommendations. With our help, you’ll be able to invest in your content wisely and deliver digital experiences that will continuously engage your customers. 


Multilingual Marketing Services

Multilingual Multimedia Services

Harness the power of global video marketing through our multilingual multimedia services. Our video localization experts will enable you to boost the impact of your multimedia content and expand your reach. Whether you want to use subtitles in videos intended for social media posts or you need to create sophisticated videos for the best possible user experience, we can do it all.  


Forum Moderation Services

Connect with your community.

Your global platform attracts customers from everywhere, mixing languages, cultures, and devices. Let us help you connect those diverse users with our forum moderation services.



Forum Moderation Services

Global Player Support

Enhance the local experience of your global players with in-market forum moderators, social agents, and multi-lingual player support contact center services.


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