From Innovation to Immunity, Infodemic to Illumination

Helping you develop and deliver safe medicine and market it globally.

Human curiosity and passion for discovery has led to frequent innovation.  The world now holds its collective breath that the innovative application of mRNA technology and ‘crippled’ chimpanzee adenovirus will deliver immunity to those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

For the past 25 years Lionbridge has partnered with pharmaceutical companies to help them deliver medicine safely and market it globally. We help you connect with global markets and with regulators, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and users during research, development, registration, marketing and life cycle management of medicinal drugs and medical devices. 

It is your job to develop the life-saving drugs that make the world a healthier place.  Let us worry about your content, helping you bring your messages and products to the world – safely, accurately and efficiently. 

This center offers tips for professionals in a clinical trial, regulatory or marketing role looking to guide others through the pandemic from innovation to immunity, illumination to insight. Our experts share insights on diversity within clinical trials, the clinical and regulatory vaccine process, and vaccine distribution and acceptance. 

The Who and How of Vaccine Communication

Concern over the novel coronavirus has highlighted health illiteracy around the globe. Both education and clearer communication can bridge the gap between the public and scientific and medical communities.

Collaboration and competition in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine

Scientists created vaccines for COVID-19 in record time, and regulatory agencies are matching their speed with accelerated approvals. How are pharma companies changing approaches to clinical trials?

Distribution and Acceptance of a COVID-19 Vaccine

Even with an approved vaccine, manufacturers and health systems need to effectively distribute the shots to achieve herd immunity. Communication is key during this stage.

Why Diversity Matters in Clinical Trials

Clinical trial providers and pharma companies need to secure a diverse population among clinical trial participants to ensure that a study drug or medical device will be effective in a wider patient pool.

The Role of Language in the Drug Development Process

Learn how the development of a new drug progresses from clinical trials to approval and deployment, and how Lionbridge Life Sciences is ready to partner with you for your communication needs.

Innovation to Immunity: Community Vaccine Acceptance

The toll of COVID-19 has hit underserved patient groups hard. How can the industry communicate with wary populations to educate them about immunization options? Learn how informed consent principles can guide vaccine conversations.


Clinical Translation

Our services encompass the full gamut of clinical trial translation needs—from documentation related to clinical research, to clinical trial translation, to plain-language summaries of clinical trial results.

Drug Product Labeling and Filing

We ensure global understanding of final product label content for your drug, including prescribing information, SPCs for healthcare professionals and regulators, package labeling and inserts, and more. We validate your label content in order to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and compliant in every market and language you require.

Clinical Outcome Assessments

We translate and perform linguistic validation on all types of COAs—PROs, ClinROs, ObsROs, and PerfOs—plus support copyright and licensing and help migrate COAs from paper to digital files.

Drug Labeling & Validation

We translate and validate primary, secondary, and/or tertiary drug labels for investigational drugs, placebo, comparator drugs, or auxiliary medicinal drugs used for clinical protocol endpoints—and help you meet GMP standards for accurate, compliant drug labels in all markets.

Social Media Listening

What are end users saying about you on social networks? We find out, so you can ensure the best possible user experience and maintain brand loyalty. Plus, we help you leverage social media listening to design clinical trials, learn about competitor drugs, and improve the patient experience.

Multilingual Digital Campaigns

Our global digital marketing services team collaborates closely with you and offers the language, cultural, and technical expertise you need to stay relevant with your global audiences, meet your Life Sciences marketing goals, and keep your costs and schedules in check.

On Demand Telephonic Interpretation

To maximize vaccine adoption, public sector and private sector service providers need on-demand interpreters to support communications with limited English proficient consumers. We offer the most experienced interpreters in over 350 languages, available on demand 24/7 to support these needs.

Real-Time Text Translation

SMS will be a major tool to share critical information with consumers about COVID vaccines. Our real-time text translation solution can be seamlessly integrated into public and private sector service providers, so limited English proficient consumers can read text communications in the language of their choice.


How communication, multimedia and language can add value to virtual clinical trials

In this webinar, Lionbridge will talk about the implications of Covid-19 on the current clinical trial landscape and offer perspectives on the value of multimedia, language and electronic data capture of clinical outcomes assessments.

Post-Pandemic Virtual Clinical Trials

The virtual landscape for clinical trials is suddenly blossoming as governments and regulatory agencies race to prevent and treat the Coronavirus spreading across the globe.

Successfully Authoring and Translating Plain Language Summaries

How can you make highly technical scientific content accessible to a lay audience?

Lionbridge Interpretation Services for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Learn how Lionbridge Over-the-Phone Interpretation services can ease language barriers in COVID-19 vaccine distribution for limited English proficient individuals.

Meet Our Author

Our campaign on the Covid-19 Vaccine offer the perspectives of leaders on this groundbreaking endeavor.


Mark Aiello

As VP of Sales, Life Sciences, Mark is responsible for Lionbridge’s go-to-market organization. He also focuses on developing relationships and partnerships with customers to help bring innovative therapeutic solutions to patients worldwide. Mark has extensive experience working across the highly regulated Life Sciences sector. He has a proven track record in helping drive positive business outcomes for key customers across the globe.  


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