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AI Training Solutions: Faster Time-to-Market, Reduced Risk and Bias

Get support for prompts, output testing, data set creation/annotation, and beyond.

Build, Train, and Test Data Sets That Work

Services powered by a diverse, global crowd and proven technology

Support all your content training with Lionbridge’s cutting-edge technology and crowd of more than half a million diverse, global experts with operational excellence, including:

  • Linguists
  • Technologists
  • Testers
  • Interpreters
  • Advocates
  • Cultural liaisons

Lionbridge’s AI Training Services

Keys for Successful AI Model Implementation

Data Annotation

Labeling or categorizing data to help an AI model better understand it. Data annotation is fundamental for ensuring AI models can make predictions based on annotated data. The quality and accuracy of data annotation significantly influence AI model training and, thus, performance. Services include:

  • Content Classification
  • Image or Video Annotation
  • Named Entity Recognition

Data Collection

Aggregation of relevant, high-quality data to train and test AI models. Data can be in various formats and comes from sources, including databases, social media, sensors, user interactions, text, images, audio, and video. Collecting diverse and representative data ensures your AI system understands and responds accurately to a wide range of inputs. This makes it more efficient and effective. Services include:

  • Audio Datasets
  • Video Datasets
  • Text Datasets
  • Transcription

Data Creation

Generating new data for AI training. This could involve creating synthetic data, artificially generated data that mimics real-world data, or augmenting existing data with variations or noise. Data creation helps increase volume and diversity of training data and improves AI model performance. Services include:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Speech-to-text
  • Translation
  • Content curation

Output Validation

Ensures the results generated by AI models and LLMs are accurate, relevant, and culturally appropriate. We thoroughly review AI responses to validate alignment with goals and required standards. Validation enhances overall quality, and makes AI systems more reliable, effective, and trustworthy for your users. Services include:

  • Intent creation and review
  • Model output validation
  • Cultural enhancements
  • Geolocation validation


LLM Development Support

Creation and refinement of an AI model’s ability to understand, generate, and manipulate language. Fine-tuning the LLM to enhance performance, inclusivity, accuracy, and relevance. It requires expertise in natural language processing and data engineering. Services include:

  • Multilingual prompt engineering
  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) pattern support
  • Diversity and inclusion testing
  • Local market optimization
  • Model review and assessment
  • Output fact and relevance-checking

Customer Case Studies: See the Power of Lionbridge AI

AI Training: Smart Reply Data Collection

A smartphone manufacturer wanted to improve their suggested ‘quick-reply’ options on their device messaging apps. This project required their AI to better comprehend human conversation’s natural and most likely flow. The project necessitated large amounts of data collection of ‘real-life’ conversation examples across multiple languages.

Our platform was perfectly suited to this task, capturing over 200,000 dialogues, each up to 20 messages long with up to five participants per conversation. Tasks were staggered across eight core languages. All conversation data was collected and delivered within four weeks.

AI Training: Voice Emotion Data Collection

A VR company that developed safe and monitored metaverse experiences wanted to train its AI to better understand emotional cues from a variety of human voice samples across multiple languages and dialects.

Speakers recorded over 600,000 sentences in specific emotions (angry, sad, happy, etc.). Speakers were selected based on their fluency in each required language. All recordings were captured and delivered on our platform. Bulk export options were available to instantly and easily access audio files immediately upon submission by each speaker.

AI Training: Prompt Response Review

Our platform launched an LLM training project to review high volumes of prompts with a multiple-choice selection of possible responses. Human reviewers selected the best response to the prompt, then rated that response on several factors, including:

  • Accuracy
  • Formatting
  • Grammar
  • Linguistics

The reviewers recommended corrections or improvements as required. We utilized over 5,000 human reviewers for this project, providing the LLM with extensive learning data required across multiple languages.

Content Generation: Video Translation & Review

An online video service provider required large-scale, fast video translations from multiple languages to English. This expedited translation would enable their content moderators to better understand content and make better-informed decisions about potential policy violations. Additionally, translators flagged content containing vulgar, offensive, hateful, racist, or abusive material.

Most videos were fully translated and reviewed within 2-3 days of submission. The quick turnaround helped the customer successfully and quickly moderate their platform’s content.

Content Review: Subtitle Transcription QA

An eLearning solutions provider used the platform to review over 300 machine-transcribed videos. They checked and flagged quality issues, such as:

  • Subtitle sentence structure
  • Spelling/grammar issues
  • Overall translation accuracy

Reviewers amended AI-transcribed subtitles where necessary, flagging any missing or seriously incorrect content. This project was completed five days after submission, providing the customer with highly accurate video transcriptions.

Responsible AI

Lionbridge is dedicated to using artificial intelligence ethically, fairly, and respectfully. We’re committed to ensuring our AI-powered solutions benefit society and never cause or promote harm and discrimination.

Here’s how Lionbridge can help you use AI responsibly.

AI Training FAQs

These are the answers to questions our customers frequently ask.

The prevalence of LLMs makes our AI training services appropriate for any enterprise that desires to leverage LLM technology but needs help conducting training. For more than 20+ years, some of the world’s technology leaders have outsourced their training data initiatives to us. In addition to working with these global giants, we help smaller AI companies that are building AI end-user applications, those requiring AI fine-tuning to adapt the model to a specific task or domain, or those needing evaluation through human feedback.

You’ll gain increased accuracy, relevance of your LLM output, and confidence that the output will be responsible.

—Chatbot training to ensure the AI doesn’t respond with offensive content.

—Multilingual output evaluation to learn whether your app works in a multilingual context.

—Model performance testing to determine which model to use, including for localization work.

Yes. We offer multimodal training services (text, audio, images, and videos).

Yes, it’s critical to continuously incorporate human feedback from users and testers into the LLM to ensure high-quality output of generated content. Ongoing training will help your AI adapt to language trends and cultural nuances, ensuring output remains effective and relevant over time.

AI training mitigates business risks by ensuring your AI consistently produces output reflecting your company’s brand voice and values without costly post-editing. In addition to enhancing cost efficiency, quality output from a properly trained AI can engender customer trust and loyalty, further securing your business.

Lionbridge uniquely combines AI expertise, a human-in-the-loop, and a global presence to provide training data services at scale. Our crowdsourcing platform enables us to reach any demographic in virtually any region. Our linguists and subject matter experts are well-suited to conduct language-based annotation for text and images. Further, localization QA processes are comparable to AI training QA procedures.

Lionbridge offers a rare combination of AI experience, linguistic experience, and global presence. Not all Language Service Providers (LSPs) have the AI expertise to provide best practices for AI testing, even if they provide these services. AI companies that offer testing services do not typically have the linguistic knowledge or global presence we have, which can be especially problematic for companies seeking to use AI for lower-resourced languages. Furthermore, we are an AI-powered organization, fully embracing AI solutions internally. We have the latest version of AI in the GPT family, which we securely maintain behind a firewall. With a directive to incorporate AI into our workflow, we’re changing how we work to deliver value for our customers.

We recognize that prolonged exposure to sensitive or harmful content can result in elevated stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. As such, we have developed a comprehensive wellness program specifically for these individuals. The program provides 24/7 confidential psychological support and other measures to promote well-being.

Meet Our AI Training Experts

Susan Morgen, Vice President, AI Sales

Susan leads the Lionbridge team of Specialized AI Sales Directors in developing solutions tailored to clients’ AI training needs. She draws on 15 years of experience in the localization industry and her extensive knowledge of the AI training space. Susan is passionate about crafting solutions that enable clients to fine-tune their own LLM to suit their unique business cases.

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Paul Dobson, Customer Propositions, AI Training

Paul Dobson oversees AI training propositions and our technology platform, Aurora AI Studio. The platform is a leading tool for capturing data to train AI through an expansive global community. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Paul ensures a seamless integration of advanced technologies to facilitate large-scale data annotation and AI validation projects.

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Acacia Decker, Global Program Director – Tech Vertical

Acacia Decker has 13+ years of industry experience. She is passionate about hybrid team projects and AI collaborations. Her Lionbridge teams' work includes premium translation, crowd-ops HT, MTPE/Evaluation, geopolitical linguistic consultancy, and emotive labeling.

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Malgorzata Gorbacz, AI Program Director

Malgorzata operationalizes AI training services. She helps implement optimal processes and develop AI solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Malgorzata has 10+ years of localization experience. She helps customers succeed with her linguistic and community management background and deep AI expertise.

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