Disruption Series

The novel coronavirus is upending elements of daily lives around the globe. For the life sciences industry, the pandemic has massively expanded demand. The timing of respite from the upheaval is uncertain, so businesses must adapt rapidly to survive.

Clinical Trial Execution in a Pandemic Age

In this webinar, Lionbridge will talk about the implications of Covid-19 on the current clinical trial landscape and offer perspectives on the value of multimedia, language and electronic data capture of clinical outcomes assessments.

The Lionbridge Life Sciences Disruption Series eBook

This ebook is a summation of our collaboration among global experts discussing the changing regulations and logistics, new situational challenges and best practices to address them, and thought leadership on the future of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

COVID-19: Connection and Cooperation

As businesses and governments shutter their physical locations and move online, the life science industry finds itself in even higher...

The Disruption Series: Medical Manufacturing Surge

The demand for masks is just one part of the growing medical product need. With recommendations ever in flux from ...

The Disruption Series: Maintaining Study Participants from Afar

As quarantine measures descend around the world, clinical trial participants are often unable or unwilling to make site visits. What...

Post-Pandemic Virtual Clinical Trials

The virtual landscape for clinical trials is suddenly blossoming as governments and regulatory agencies race to prevent and treat the...

The Disruption Series: Telehealth Adoption During and After COVID

Remote doctor visits are keeping patients and medical professionals at a safe distance during quarantine times. Is this shift to...

The Disruption Series: Challenges in Moving Clinical Trials Off-Site

Read all about the current challenges in conducting previously on-site clinical trials during the global pandemic, and the steps being...

The Disruption Series: Decreased Hurdles to COVID Diagnostics

The Disruption Series: Find out how the current global crisis has affected FDA lab testing policies and decreased the time...

The Disruption Series: COVID-19 Causes EU MDR Delays

Read here to learn about how COVID-19 has caused a delay in the Date of Application for the European Medical...

The Disruption Series: MedDRA Now Impacted By Coronavirus

Read here to learn how the coronavirus has affected the medical dictionary for regulatory activities (MedDRA), and how Lionbridge supports...

The Disruption Series: Readability When Remote

Readability determines whether a message is conveyed to an audience that can act on the knowledge they learned. How can your company improve this measure of accessibility?

The Disruption Series: How AI Applies to Pandemic Healthcare

Read here to learn about smart tech for the "new normal"

The Disruption Series: Listening to the Patients During a Pandemic

Read here to learn about the issues of patient engagement in remote clinical trials during the coronavirus pandemic, and how social media can be used as a solution.

The Disruption Series: The Importance of Patient Education

Learn about the importance of patient training and education for improve medical regimen compliance and the value of high quality, engaging materials from pharmaceutical companies. 

The Disruption Series: The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Pharma

Read a summary of the Regulatory, Technology & Communication Changes to Clinical Trials due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Meet Our Author

The Disruption Series offers insights on how pharma companies, healthcare organizations, CROs, governments, and regulatory agencies are changing in response to COVID-19—and how you can keep up.


Mark Aiello

As VP of Sales, Life Sciences, Mark is responsible for Lionbridge’s go-to-market organization. He also focuses on developing relationships and partnerships with customers to help bring innovative therapeutic solutions to patients worldwide. Mark has extensive experience working across the highly regulated Life Sciences sector. He has a proven track record in helping drive positive business outcomes for key customers across the globe.  



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