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As waves of the COVID-19 pandemic ebb and flow, businesses are discovering that some changes intended to be temporary are here to stay. The future of work changed profoundly in early 2020 as remote operations became standard. From public health emergencies to battered economies, the keys to leadership remain the same: transparent, consistent, clear communication.  

At Lionbridge, our passion and talent for building bridges and breaking barriers is unchanged. We can help you find a way to reach every employee, contractor, partner and customer, no matter where they live or work or what language they speak. 

This resource center offers advice and examples for professionals looking to guide their company through these changes. Here you will find how-to tips ranging from running successful virtual events for a multilingual audience, to outsourcing global eLearning programs, to creating effective multilingual OSHA compliance communications to jumpstarting your multimarket ecommerce business.

How we can help our clients


Content creation and localization for internal and external comms, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery.


Translation of learning modules, videos, voiceovers, and subtitling.


Quickly connect with interpreters via phone for immediate service.


Real-time translation for any e-communication channel including chat, email and ticketing. GeoFluent plugs into your communication platforms from LogMeIn to Zendesk, or use our API to build to your own platform.

The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual Virtual Events

With COVID-19 upending in-person events worldwide, virtual events have emerged not only as a way to replace face-to-face interactions, but to expand a desired audience far beyond what might be possible with an in-person event. Read this whitepaper to discover how making a virtual event multilingual grows your audience reach, and how our translation and localization services can help you be a leader in multilingual events and customer support.

A patient takes their own blood pressure, as they would do when reporting biometrics for a remote clinical trial.

The Disruption Series: Virtual Clinical Trials

The virtual landscape for clinical trials is suddenly blossoming as governments and regulatory agencies race to prevent and treat the coronavirus spreading across the globe. Lionbridge experts in life sciences analyze the impact of these changes on the clinical research sphere.

A gloved worker arranges sealed face masks, one of the personal protection equipment types that healthcare workers need to treat COVID-19 patients safely.

Meeting demand for personal protective equipment during a pandemic

The demand for masks is just one part of the growing medical product need. With recommendations ever in flux from major health organizations and governments, the availability of personal protective equipment continues to dip. As other manufacturing projects stall around the world, companies have an opportunity to step in and help by redirecting workers and production centers to create much needed items for healthcare workers and patients. How can you and your team help bridge this gap?

COVID-19: Connection and Cooperation

As businesses and governments shutter their physical locations and move online, the life science industry finds itself in even higher demand while managing the strain of rapidly shifting requirements for safe operation. Regulatory agencies including the FDA and EMA are responding by changing site requirements and extensively reducing turnaround times. Read more about these changes from Lionbridge Life Sciences expert Pia Windelov.

Disaster Communication Tips From A Healthcare Expert

Get an insider’s perspective on how to prepare for crises from someone who has been through them before. Our client’s content lead shares their thoughts on when and how to communicate to employees and customers.

How to Sustain Business Operations in a Crisis

Lionbridge’s over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) expert Susan Gryder, speaks to the power of real-time telephonic interpretation to bridge language gaps to communication in a crisis.

Over-The-Phone Interpretation: Preserving Communication in a Crisis

Virtual call centers, scalable workflows, and quality-assured interpretations make Lionbridge OPI services the reliable partner you need in an emergency. Read our e-book to learn more about what makes an excellent OPI provider.

Fireside Chat with CMO Jaime Punishill

In this webinar, CMO Jaime Punishill will answer your questions about multilingual communication during a crisis and working with a language provider with global scale and strategic resilience.

Supporting Effective Lawyer-Client Communications Webinar

The spread of COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge for the legal industry, compelling law firms and legal departments to quickly adapt to remote work environments. Join Lionbridge for a webinar on how Lionbridge Legal can help you with your communication needs during this time.

Real-Time Remote Translations

Our GeoFluent and over-the-phone interpretation offerings can help your teams with real-time remote translations. We offer round-the-clock services for everything from one-on-one service chats to multinational all-hands presentations. Hear from Lionbridge experts Arnold Koh and Ryan Erwin about improving global connections.

How Lionbridge Prepared Our Client’s Contact Center for Any Situation

If you already have your own team of translators and interpreters in just a single site, our worldwide sites can help you keep up with demand in the case that your local team is out of commission, whether from a virus or a natural disaster. That’s precisely what we did for one client after Hurricane Maria. Read how we can help you bounce back from an unexpected shortage.

A Direct-Line to Communication Built for a Crisis

When faced with a need for urgent communication, over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) is an invaluable resource. With GeoFluent, Lionbridge’s virtual translation tool, we can deploy OPI and other translation services quickly, accurately and at scale. Watch the webinar to learn more.

eLearning Translation and Content Development

Educating your own employees during a crisis requires a solid system to support their learning. Whether you already have a robust online training program or are just starting out, Lionbridge can help you design, host, execute and translate your teachings so they reach every internal customer.

Getting Started: The First Three Key Steps for Your E-Learning Program

Getting Started: The First Three Key Steps for Your eLearning Program

Not sure where to start? Right here. Our team has boiled down the eLearning process to well-defined steps for you and your team. Take a look at what you need to get started and reach out to partner with us.


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Interpretation Services That Work

Disaster recovery planning in action


A hurricane impacted a client’s call center in regions of Florida and Puerto Rico.


increase in volume


hour notice


dropped calls

“When we needed to translate our COVID-19 prevention and treatment handbook for medical personnel throughout the world, it was imperative for the work to be completed with urgency and accuracy. We turned to Lionbridge because of their ability to quickly source the right translators and deliver high-quality translations in less than half the time it would typically take to complete. We were impressed by Lionbridge’s fast response, active cooperation and professional attitude. With Lionbridge’s help to eliminate language barriers, we can work together as a global community towards conquering this global pandemic.”

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