The Future of Localization

Get Lionbridge expertise on the future of localization, including the significance of language in driving digital transformation and international growth. 


The Future of Language Technology

Thanks to the rising significance of language, cultural adaptation and market-specific buying patterns, localization is now driving digital transformation—and international growth.

We’re now living in a digital-first universe. In this blog series, we explore how the shift is forcing companies to reevaluate their business practices, finally prioritize digital marketing strategies and recognize the significance of language in driving international growth.

How will localization change in the future?

The pandemic of 2020 brought unprecedented change to the global marketplace. In this brief video, Kajetan Malinowski discusses how the changing relationship between localization and marketing departments will help companies thrive in a COVID-challenged global economy. Plus, he sets the stage for exploring the future of localization.

The Future of Localization as Part of Digital Transformation

Explore the future of localization, including how to employ language and culture as part of your digital transformation toolkit, in our e-book.

"Localization has to stop being just about words, or a mere afterthought. It must incorporate meaning, comprehension and emotion—the key drivers that motivate consumers to act."

—Kajetan Malinowski, Lionbridge Senior Director, Proposition Management

The Future of the Localization Industry

The 25-year journey of the localization industry has seen amazing transformations and progress. In this Multilingual magazine article, Lionbridge's Kajetan Malinowski and Jaime Punishill discuss how the localization industry's next stage of evolution will capitalize on insights and analysis about language, tone, sentiment, readability, accessibility and buyer journey impact—signs of transformation already seen coming from early adopters.

Evaluating a Multivendor Strategy

Some businesses choose to diversify their localization services vendors based on local language, region or type of translated content. But thanks to COVID-19, mindsets are now shifting to content lifecycle, ROI and time to market—and whether a multivendor strategy still makes sense.

Evaluating a Translation Management System (TMS)

A TMS, the principal technology used in the localization industry, can help companies manage the multilingual aspects of their content journey and enable great customer relationships across markets. Is a TMS the right tool for your business?

The Future of Machine Translation

Advancements in Machine Translation (MT) can increase translators’ capabilities by 3-5 times, bolstering translation productivity vs. more traditional translation services. Learn more about how MT can enhance your company's localization process.

Lionbridge Machine Translation Tracker

Introducing our assessment tool to help you choose the best machine translation engine for your needs

The Benefits and Dangers of Translation Proxy

A translation proxy can be implemented quickly and has lower upfront costs, making it an appealing translation tool for digital content. But the technology has some downsides that cannot be overlooked.

Lionbridge Leaders

Kajetan Malinowski

Senior Director, Proposition Management

Kajetan leads Lionbridge’s product strategy team and is developing our AI-enabled localization platform. His other specialties include e-business, product and program management and business development.

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Jaime Punishill

Chief Marketing Officer

Jaime is responsible for leading Lionbridge's global marketing and proposition development efforts including strategy, brand, content, demand generation, digital and product marketing.

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The Future of Localization: Adapting to a Digital-First Universe to Achieve International Growth [LocWorld44]

How to deliver consistent CX across all digital channels and languages

Augmented Translation

Augmented translation is a new approach to combining the strengths of humans and machines to address growing needs for multilingual content.

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L’experience: The Key to Removing Friction & Thriving in the New Digital First Universe

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"The localization industry is at yet another turning point, where value creation will take a new shape. The next stage of evolution will capitalize on insights and analysis about language, tone, sentiment, readability, accessibility and buyer journey impact."

—Jaime Punishill, Lionbridge Chief Marketing Officer

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