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Generative AI for Global Events and Streaming Multimedia Content 

A panel discussion with Dell, VMware, Zendesk, and CSA Research on current multimedia localization trends and anticipated developments as generative AI advances and proliferates.

Global Companies Share How Generative AI Will Enable Businesses To Overcome Longstanding Communication Challenges

Discover how you’ll increasingly be able to drive accessibility, promote DEI initiatives, and enhance audience engagement and retention.

Generative AI for interpretation, captions, and dubbing: What was once considered science fiction is now becoming a reality.

Are you ready for the disruption?

Watch our recorded webinar to learn what Dell, VMware, Zendesk, and CSA Research have to say about generative AI’s impact on streaming multimedia content and global event management as the technology accelerates the convergence between video streaming and multilingual events.

During the 60-minute panel discussion moderated by Lionbridge, discover how the technology will increasingly:

  • Provide new possibilities, including on-the-fly localization.
  • Help you enhance DEI, achieve accessibility goals, and engage a wider audience through multimedia videos, podcasts, blogs, and webinars.
  • Change the way we work in profound ways.

Additionally, see some of the technology in action as we augment the webinar with AI-generated speech translation, multilingual captioning, and sign language, powered by Interprefy.

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Meet the Moderator and Panelists

Will Rowlands-Rees, Lionbridge


Will Rowlands-Rees is Lionbridge’s Chief Product Officer, managing product strategy and working tirelessly to bring innovative solutions to Lionbridge customers. Will has a long history of bringing successful new offerings to market and is excited about AI’s potential for the entire localization industry.

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Aki Hayashi, Dell


Aki Hayashi is the senior manager of the Globalization PMO at Dell Technologies. She leads the team of program managers and oversees the globalization aspect of Dell’s strategic programs, including marketing, digital, and events, to help enhance the global business landscape and customer journey in the fast-paced technology industry. 

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Alison Toon, CSA Research


Alison Toon has over 25 years of experience in the translation and localization industry, with an emphasis on the management of translation and localization tools, processes, architecture and operation for content management, and e-business services across enterprises. Her experience in these research areas and key projects helps CSA Research’s clients gain key insights into the technologies, pricing, and business processes essential to executive buy-in.

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Bodo Vahldieck, VMware


Bodo Vahldieck is VMware's Globalization team's Global Localization Quality and Terminology Manager and has taken on the role of Innovation Manager, ensuring that the team carefully analyzes innovations. A PMP-certified professional and a member of PMI, he has more than 30 years of experience in the translation, localization, and globalization of software products, marketing materials, and web content. 

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Alexis Goes, Zendesk


Alexis Goes currently serves as the systems manager for marketing localization at Zendesk. With over a decade of experience in the localization industry, she is focused on optimizing the use of technology and streamlining processes through automation. 

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