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The Lionbridge E-Commerce Center of Excellence

Lionbridge’s full suite of services facilitate e-commerce

Tailored Solutions Based on Industry Knowledge and Extensive Experience Support Your Unique Needs

When you partner with the E-Commerce Center of Excellence for your retail language needs, get ready for the Lionbridge difference.

We are retail specialists, not localization generalists.

We don’t just say we work with the world’s leading brands—we can prove it.

We keep the end-customer experience and user journey at the center of everything we do.

"We build strong relationships with global brands by being trusted advisors. We’re not here to sell. We’re much more than that. We’re here to solve.”

—Jamie Dickson, Enterprise Director for GLT specializing in retail and e-commerce

Read our whitepaper to learn how we support our customers during every step of the global buyer’s lifecycle, from the first moments of engagement via an internet search to after sales support and everything in between.

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Janette Mandell
Janette Mandell