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Create high-quality text datasets in more than 300 languages.

What is Text Annotation?

Text-based services are now essential to modern business. From machine translation and customized search engines to shopfront chatbots and real-time feedback analysis, AI technology is automating processes and providing deeper insights. At the heart of this technology are domain specific, annotated text datasets. Why? Because high-quality data means high-quality customer service and analytics, and improved profits. But developing a quality text dataset is a complicated, time-consuming task, and this means choosing the right data services partner is paramount to success.

Lionbridge is a leading expert in the field of high-quality text annotation. Our 20 years of experience in NLP and localization covers translation, linguistics, sentiment analysis, and content moderation. Through our community of data scientists and linguistic experts, we can ensure your data is annotated to meet the demands of your business. 

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We supply the world's leading companies with text annotation services

Our Text Annotation Services


Entity Annotation

Our suite of entity annotation services for text datasets includes named entity recognition, keyphrase tagging, and topic extraction. Our community of 1 million contributors work in more than 300+ languages to build named entity datasets at scale for a wide range of machine learning use cases.

Sentiment Analysis

Our custom-built platform can be used to annotate sentiment analysis datasets for social media monitoring, feedback analysis, and more. By leveraging our global community of contributors, we can handle a wide range of culturally specific content to an exceptional level of quality.

Text Classification

Our text classification services range from product categorization and search engine validation to content moderation and intent classification. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, our language experts can help you build a high-quality dataset for your machine learning model.

Linguistic Annotation

Thanks to our global team of linguistic professionals, our community of annotators can label grammatical, phonetic, and linguistic elements in text data in over 300 languages and dialects. This allows us to help you build multilingual language models for chatbots, virtual assistants, machine translation systems, and more.

Entity Linking

Accurate entity linking is the heart of models that analyze text in-depth, show search results with pinpoint accuracy, and provide exemplary service. Our custom-built platform is designed for entity linking projects including end-to-end entity linking and entity disambiguation, and our global community of experts can ensure that no linguistic or cultural element goes unnoticed.

Content Moderation

Lionbridge can help you to keep your employees and users safe with content moderation services including monitoring, assessing, and filtering your text content. We can handle issues such as profanity, spam, and duplication, and our multilingual community of contributors give us the unique ability to approach moderation projects with both cultural and linguistic sensitivity.

Our Text Annotation Platform

Annotate and manage your text datasets on a dedicated platform.

Why Lionbridge?


Multingual Support

Our community of linguists stretches across more than 5,000 cities worldwide, making us well equipped for projects designed to reach audiences across the globe.


We can connect you with experienced data scientists and language experts to help you support your project.


Our team can help you ensure the quality necessary for your NLP projects through built-in validation, spot-checking, a worker seniority system, and more.


> 1 million+ Contributors


300+ Languages



20+ Years of experience

Case Studies


Search Query Classification

For the online travel service company Traveloka, our multilingual crowd labeled over 150,000 English and Bahasa Indonesian search queries. The data was used to develop a context-based search engine.

Proofing Tool Development

Our team of engineers, computational linguists, and other language specialists helped a client to develop a range of state-of-the-art grammar and spelling correction tools.

Sentiment Annotation in 14 Languages

Lionbridge AI performed sentiment annotation on over 20,000 text records. The data was used to help our client's text analytics platform reach fluency in 14 languages.

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