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Smaⁱrt MT™ — Leverage Machine Translation to Locaⁱlize Everything™

Advancements in Machine Translation technology open unprecedented opportunities to excel in digital-first marketplaces by localizing the entire customer journey for every market and removing internal communication barriers.

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How would you like to translate and localize all your content?

With this newfound superpower, you could scale in ways you never thought possible, have a presence in every market you desire, and enrich the experiences of your customers and employees.

Smairt MT, Lionbridge’s Machine Translation tool, makes the extraordinary scenario of localizing everything possible. This Machine Technology (MT) solution is fast. It unlocks incredible translation productivity. Now is the time to leverage Smairt MT as a routine part of your workflow and use it to unlock the value creation of localization.

To fully capitalize on Smairt MT, you need to:

  • Embrace market research that shows your customers prefer good enough translated content, as opposed to no content in their native language. Learn what industry experts are saying here, here, and here.
  • Use it with the Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud™, our next-generation content platform, to maximize the efficiency of localization workflows running on the platform and achieve higher productivity.

Presenting Lionbridge Smaⁱrt MT

Smairt MT is an enterprise-grade Machine Translation solution that will make your translations better, faster, and more efficient.

Machine Translation as a Service

Embed Smaⁱrt MT into all your content workflows effortlessly. Integrate to leading Content Management Systems (CMSs), Product Information Management (PIM) systems, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, e-commerce platforms, and other internal solutions with just a few clicks. 

Real-time Machine Translation

Plug the Smaⁱrt MT product into your ticketing systems or real-time chat solutions to enable your customer success teams to deliver enhanced customer experiences in any language. Our transparent Software as a Service (SaaS) model eliminates per-user charges in favor of a simple monthly subscription fee that enables all the members of your organization to use the technology.  

Secure Machine Translation

Use Smaⁱrt MT to provide your employees with a safe translation solution that is an alternative to free Machine Translation offerings, which are not secure and put your company’s content and privacy at risk.

Smaⁱrt MT’s Standout Features


  • Single Sign-on (SSO) to manage access
  • Data encryption during rest and at transit 
  • No storage of your data by Lionbridge or any other third-party vendor 
  • Certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), including full certification to the ISO 27001:2013 and 27701:2019 standards  


  • No vendor lock-in
  • Access to Google, Microsoft, Amazon, DeepL, and Yandex MT engines 
  • Ability to work across all digital channels 
  • Integration with leading CMSs, Translation Management Systems (TMSs), ticketing systems, and live chat solutions 
  • Support for text files, MS Office files, and PDFs (scanned and text documents)



  • Ability to train terminology once in Smaⁱrt MT and apply preferences to all the MT engines
  • On-the-fly automation that fixes issues in your source content and enhances MT quality
  • Use of the MT engine best suited for each piece of content and your language pairs  


  • Real-time Machine Translation
  • Fast access to Smaⁱrt MT through an API
  • Seamless integration to the leading content management systems, live chat tools, and ticketing systems via Smairt MT connectors
  • Instant communication among global employees with an easy-to-use portal

How Lionbridge Used Machine Translation To Improve Employee Engagement at a Large Aerospace Technology Provider

When a leading aerospace technology company needed a real-time translation solution to enable 180,000 global employees to communicate effectively, it turned to Lionbridge for help. Lionbridge’s Smaⁱrt MT, a Machine Translation as a Service solution, enabled the company to deploy its intranet site in nine languages while integrating seamlessly into its existing infrastructure. The upshot? Increased employee engagement as personnel was able to translate more than 750,000 words per month and successfully connect across multiple languages and regions.  

One Solution With Several Applications To Meet Your Organization’s Pressing Business Objectives

Smairt MT is tailored for customer support teams, employees working in multilingual corporate environments, and localization and marketing teams


Who is it suited for? Multilingual customer success and support teams aspiring to enhance customer satisfaction 

How does it work? Our Machine Translation API integrates directly into your live chat solution or ticketing system to enable existing customer success and support teams to instantaneously translate text and assist customers in any language, regardless of internal language capabilities. 

Scale across time zones and languages to elevate your customers’ experiences without having to add personnel to your support teams.

What makes it noteworthy? It’s a real-time solution that is MT vendor agnostic, easy to integrate, customizable, and secure.      


Who is it suited for? Individuals and teams working in a multilingual corporate environment seeking to increase productivity by removing communication barriers

How does it work? Our Machine Translation portal helps employees connect across multiple languages and regions by adding Machine Translation to the company intranet. Employees can securely translate internal documents and improve written communication across languages. 

What makes it noteworthy? It’s easy to access, fast, customizable, and secure.

SMAᴵRT MT Connectors

Who is it suited for? Localization and Marketing teams that want to increase content velocity 

How does it work? Our connectors make it easy to integrate Smaⁱrt MT with any content management systems you use, enabling you to process your multilingual content quickly and seamlessly. 

What makes it noteworthy? It’s easy to integrate with your technology, MT vendor agnostic, customizable, and secure. It allows organizations to deploy Machine Translation technology at a large scale. 

Get Smaⁱrter™ About Machine Translation

Smaⁱrt MT™: Machine Translation for the Digital Age

Companies can leverage MT to offer digital experiences in local languages, achieve better customer satisfaction ratings, and excel in global markets.

How Translation Requests Are Processed When Using Smaⁱrt MT™

Smaⁱrt MT™ software provides automation during translation. There are 14 processing steps that result in fast, seamless, and secure translations.

Transform Multilingual Customer Experience with Machine Translation

Customer experience is of critical importance. MT and interpretation enable brands to provide world-class customer service in any language.

Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud™: Is Machine Translation getting better?

The demand for multilingual content is greater than ever. The Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud™ automates translation and frees you to focus on business growth.

The Future of Language Technology: The Future of Machine Translation

MT will continue to evolve and become increasingly important for translation productivity if it is deployed properly.

A New Way To Think About AI and Localization

Why does Lionbridge embed “ai” in select words? It’s to underscore the important role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays throughout the translation and localization process.

What is Smairt?

The combination of smart and AI points to the evolution of a frictionless localization process as AI learns and enables that process to improve over time.

What is Lainguage?

The combination of language and AI emphasizes the importance of language AI to succeed in a digital-first marketplace by boosting content output and enhancing the quality and performance of that output across more languages. 

What is Trainslation?

The combination of translation and AI refers to the synergy created when AI complements the work of talented translators, which enables companies to handle more content and grow their businesses.

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