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How Lionbridge Improved Employee Engagement at a Large Aerospace Technology Provider

We used our Smaⁱrt MT™ solution to quickly and accurately translate content into nine languages

Keeping 180,000 employees engaged at a large multinational enterprise can be a challenge. One of the leading companies in aerospace technology reached out to Lionbridge to make it easier for their global workforce to communicate and connect across multiple languages.

The Challenge

Internal communications teams were looking for an efficient translation solution to help release the company intranet in 9 internal languages. Content for the intranet needed to be localized immediately upon publication. The translation solution also had to connect seamlessly with the client’s CMS platform, Sitecore.

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The Solution

Lionbridge recommended that the client use Smaⁱrt MT™, a Machine Translation as a Service solution that provided the right mix of features for success.

Smaⁱrt MT uses real-time machine translation technology and a suite of connectors to leading CMS systems, including Sitecore, to quickly and easily translate a range of content. The solution was customized for the customer’s brand and terminology and built to scale, with an option to add human reviews for critical communications or extra quality assurance.

This allowed Lionbridge to deliver translations quickly and at a high level of quality, all while integrating seamlessly into the client’s infrastructure.

“Word caught on quickly, and we saw a surge of ideas and content being shared within our employee groups — it has been a game-changer in idea sharing across our enterprise.” 

The Result

After the successful deployment of the customer’s intranet site, we turned our attention to localizing employee-generated content. This was a huge success. In 2021 alone, our customer has run more than 9,000 translation requests, translating more than 8 million words into 9 languages. That’s more than 750,000 words translated every month.

By adding machine translation into their internal communications, our client increased employee engagement and helped employees connect across multiple languages and regions. 

Visit our Smairt MT page to learn more about the technology behind this service, or get in touch with our sales team to find out how Smart MT can help you to translate everything.

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