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Watch: Frequently Asked Questions About Generative AI and Life Sciences

Short Videos from Lionbridge’s Webinar

AI solutions are disrupting and revolutionizing the Life Sciences industry. However, marrying Generative AI and Life Sciences too quickly or unwisely will trigger risks. Lionbridge is already developing secure and compelling Generative AI use cases for the field — and planning for limitless opportunities in the future.

Check out these four short videos from our webinar with Lionbridge’s Life Sciences translation services expert, Paraic O’Donnell, and our AI solutions expert, Vincent Henderson. These specialists discuss how Lionbridge is currently using, and will use, AI services to help our Life Sciences customers ensure a healthier world.

Watch the full webinar or check out our blog with more FAQs.

Or, contact us to discuss how we can assist with your Life Sciences workflows, trials, and research.

What are potential future use cases for AI in Life Sciences?

Discover how we might use AI to ensure a healthier future for our world.

What are concrete examples of future use cases for AI in Life Sciences?

Understand which kinds of tasks and workflows AI will enhance.

How can AI assist with plain language needs?

Find out how AI could automate and enhance plain language generation.

How can AI assist with clinical outcome assessments?

What can AI do to facilitate generating, translating, and utilizing COAs?

Want to learn more about Life Sciences applications for AI? Read our blog.

Delve more into AI with our blogs, videos, and whitepapers here.

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Paraic O’Donnell, Director, Life Sciences Technical Solutions
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