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AI Content Optimization Case Study

An experiment in Gen AI-powered content optimization and localization

This case study is the second piece in the two-part Lionbridge GenAI Content Use Cases Series, which explores Generative AI’s multilingual content creation and optimization abilities. Check out part one here.

A handful of Generative AI tools have been rolled out to assist with content optimization. These AI content tools promise the capacity to ensure content is deeply engaging and has substantial SEO value. In some scenarios, AI content optimization is potentially better than human-generated abilities. For example, an AI content generation tool is notably excellent at writing and translating within the strict character limits of SEO requirements. Does AI content optimization actually deliver on these promises? Can it adequately optimize and generate new content in languages besides English? Lionbridge’s generative AI content creation experts will explore this area via an experiment using four AI content tools to optimize three pieces of content in German.

Read the case study to learn about Lionbridge’s content creation experiments with generative AI tools.

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Samantha Keefe and Sandra Wendland, Senior Manager, Global Digital Marketing, and Brendan Walsh, Global Technical Search Operations
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