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Lionbridge’s TRUST Framework to Build Confidence in AI Use

Transparency. Reliability. Usefulness. Safety. Timeliness.

AI. AI. AI. It’s the catchphrase capturing the attention of executives worldwide — for good reason.

The latest iteration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology — generative AI (GenAI / Large Language Models (LLMs) — has great potential to benefit companies. You may use AI tools to translate substantially more content faster and cost-effectively to reach new markets and drive increased profitability. But to achieve these results, you must proceed thoughtfully.

Embracing AI: A New Era of Trust

AI technology advancements have ushered in a new era of trust, driven by AI output that no longer produces deterministic, predictable results. We’re asking the machine to make decisions that more closely resemble human cognitive processes with multiple possible outputs. Moreover, these decisions happen in a black box. As such, a critical question arises: Can we trust AI to make these decisions?

Some people are wary of using AI in their business processes. As reported by Wired, an EY-commissioned survey of 1,000 employees found 66 percent of the respondents concerned about the quality of AI outputs.

Fortunately, you can use specific strategies to achieve AI trust, including developing trust in the technology and trust in the partner managing the technology. We’ve created a handy cheat sheet detailing our TRUST framework to help guide you. The framework, organized via the TRUST acronym, comprises five trust-related measures:

  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Usefulness
  • Safety
  • Timeliness

Watch a recording of our webinar, Embracing AI: A New Era of Trust, to listen to a more in-depth conversation about AI trust featuring experts from Amazon Web Services, Cisco, and Lionbridge. Alternatively, read our AI trust webinar recap.

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Janette Mandell