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An Efficient, Agile Process Improves the Global Customer Experience

Lionbridge and Sitecore for multilingual SEO and web localization 

A Partner in Localization

Providing content to consumers in their native language in real time is a key pillar of Thule’s global customer experience strategy. Thule needed an experienced localization provider to help centralize their global website operations, scale their global reach and optimize campaign performance across languages. By partnering with Lionbridge, Thule was able to implement Lionbridge’s Sitecore connector and enable a seamless translation of global content.

Watch our video case study here, and read our case study below to discover how Lionbridge and Thule were able to work together to create a better global customer experience for Thule customers.

In the case study, find out:

  • How Lionbridge’s fast, integrated workflows and centralized translation assets enable seamless Thule product launches
  • How Lionbridge’s Sitecore connector helps Thule efficiently translate large volumes of content on a global scale
  • How Thule and Lionbridge work together to leverage strategic search engine optimization (SEO) to increase web traffic and sales
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