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This is a defining time for life sciences organisations. Emerging and existing markets expand rapidly. The clinical trial landscape broadens. Regulations grow increasingly complex. Now is the time to partner with a trusted global expert to guide you through the translation process.

Maximise translation efficiency while minimising risk

As your company continues to expand globally, the most effective use of language can determine the difference between success and a missed opportunity. To meet tight deadlines and ensure quality on first delivery, you need the right resources for translation, review, and finalisation.

Lionbridge Life Sciences is fully focused on the unique needs of global pharma, medical device, and CRO organisations. Comprised of life sciences career specialists, our quality systems and structure complement the way you do business. We offer:

  • Unprecedented scale using only SME-level linguistic and production resources
  • Customer service acknowledged as best in the industry
  • Accuracy and on-time ratings unmatched by competitors
  • Innovative technology at no cost, so you don’t need to purchase expensive and redundant tools, user licences, or support agreements
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Why Top Life Sciences Companies Choose Lionbridge As Their Global Partner
The Road to Development

Learn how Lionbridge can help you identify gaps in localisation processes and address key challenges to support you through the lifecycle of your Life Science translation needs.

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Life Sciences
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"Pharmaceutical companies that partner with localisation experts at every stage of drug development will experience real advantages in achieving profitability and success."

Navigating Drug Development with Translation Solutions 03/06/2016