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Gamification for Global Trial Participants

Lionbridge helps Datacubed Health improve trial participants’ engagement, compliance, and retention by localizing an innovative clinical trial app.

Anyone who has stared at a pill bottle in their hands and thought, "Wait, did I already take my dose this morning?" knows how mindless and boring it can be to adhere to medication routines. While missing your allergy meds or taking your ibuprofen a few hours late may result in some extra sneezing or a worsening headache, there’s much more at stake when people neglect to take their meds during clinical trials.

It’s essential to secure a study participant’s interest and commitment — even beyond regulatory requirements — to successfully execute a trial and collect meaningful data. Datacubed Health is a technology company taking an innovative approach to patient engagement and data collection for decentralized trials that span the globe with a gamification approach to transform the patient experience and achieve retention. Lionbridge is an integral part of the solution by localizing Datacubed Health’s app and enabling effective communications in the study participants’ native languages.

Datacubed Health uses behavioral science  to motivate study participants throughout their journey. It has developed an app that assigns each participant an avatar that promotes a positive identity, increases a sense of belonging in the study, and helps reduce the dropout rate. And the app rewards study participants with things like digital confetti for completing steps, such as filling out diaries.

“It makes you feel good,” said Deena Bernstein, VP of Customer Success. And the rich interactions typically yield a 90%+ compliance rate, according to Datacubed Health. 

The model advances the goal of a clinical trial from simple patient engagement to patient enjoyment. Like any app or game with high-quality UX, Datacubed Health must deliver a tailored experience to each user.

"We started in the academic setting, and as we started to grow and our clients’ space started to increase, more languages became necessary. Datacubed has translated to multiple markets to support ongoing trials and patients and continues to expand depending on the sponsor’s needs. Lionbridge’s experience in life sciences, tech, and games made it the ideal partner for the project,” said Bernstein.

The transition from in-person studies to hybrid and remote modes has opened patient recruitment options to a broader audience. As such, there are more potential participants. This is advantageous when starting a trial but presents challenges for study organizers who must accommodate a broader range of personalities. It’s critical to personalize the experience for participants to achieve a good outcome.

Patient involved in a clinical trial using a mobile app

“Our organization’s agility enabled our teams to handle evolving pandemic trial protocols,” said Bernstein. 

Lionbridge is proud to partner with Datacubed Health and help the company realize its vision to transform the patient experience

At every touchpoint on the go-to-market journey — from drug or device development to the moment your product makes its way safely and effectively to patients worldwide — Lionbridge helps you get there faster. Our extensive experience in global clinical trial translation, linguistic validation, and life sciences marketing ensures that projects, visions, and strategies are successful in many languages, markets, and cultures.  

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