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BioMarin Case Study: Cross-Cultural Equivalence in Translation Enabling Cross-Cultural Data Comparison

How Lionbridge provided linguistic validation services for hemophilia clinical trials

How can you ensure that a clinical trial is understood by all participants across multiple languages?

BioMarin develops and commercializes therapies for rare and life-threatening rare disorders, including hemophilia A, a rare blood disorder where blood does not clot normally. They needed a flexible, meticulous and transparent language partner to check the reliability and content validity of patient reported outcome tools.

Read our case study to learn how Lionbridge was able to provide linguistic validation services and cognitive debriefing across 14 languages for BioMarin, ensuring the consistency of the clinical trial across language barriers.  


  • How Lionbridge translated three PRO instruments used to measure the impact of hemophilia on a patient
  • How the conceptual, linguistic and cultural nuances across the target countries informed Lionbridge’s robust and comprehensive translation process
  • How Lionbridge’s project team employed a risk-based project planning strategy to ensure the alignment of multiple translation schedules



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