Life Sciences Marketing

Marketing translation for Life Sciences presents special challenges. Local regulatory authorities are taking a more active role in how products are marketed in their regions. Rely on us to understand these nuances and adapt your global marketing strategy accordingly.

Maximise your presence among clinicians, patients, and consumers

Many regions have their own medical advisory bodies or underwriters which may supersede or, in some cases, contradict endorsements or guidelines included in the original source language content. For example, the American Association of Pediatrics recommendations for nutrition at specific ages vary from a similar body’s recommendations in Brazil.

Lionbridge Life Sciences provides a full spectrum of expert in-country marketing translation services that are culturally correct, in-tune with the current country-specific medical terminology, and compliant with all local and regional regulations.

Services include:

  • Printed ad copy
  • Web and radio spots
  • Corporate web content
  • Video localisation and production (including localisation of visuals, voice overs, and dubbing)
  • Brochures
  • Patient recruitment

Manage successful life science marketing campaigns

A huge challenge many organisations face is dealing with multiple campaigns per country. It can be incredibly complex to centralise all the activity, deal with cultural adaptation, manage translation, and handle SEO and success analytics.

At Lionbridge, we have extensive experience in managing global life science marketing. Not only that, we can also increase the power of your web infrastructure investment. We do this by augmenting your content management system’s ability to manage global content releases efficiently – with as little cost as possible.

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