Tugdual Delisle

Managing Director, Lionbridge Games


Lionbridge Tugdual Delisle Photo

As Managing Director, Lionbridge Games, Tugdual Delisle is responsible for Lionbridge Games’ strategy and execution across business development, solutions, and operations. He oversees a passionate team of experts who help bring games to life for the industry’s largest and fastest-growing publishers, developers, and platform holders.

Tugdual has 20 years of experience in global business strategy, service innovation, strategic account planning, sales management, and operations supervision. He joined Lionbridge in 2002 to oversee strategic development for global accounts and spearheaded the launch of Lionbridge’s Games vertical in 2013.

Born and raised in the Brittany region of France, Tugdual earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Technical Translation and Terminology in Germany and France, respectively. He has resided in Seattle, WA for the past 20 years.