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How Lionbridge and Nordson deployed a global multilingual strategy 

How do you solidify a brand identity struggling to cohere globally?

For five years, Nordson has relied on Lionbridge to design and deploy a content management system. They looked to us for our 20+ years of experience paired with our best-in-class technology offerings.  With the Sitecore Connector, Lionbridge streamlined website translation transformed their digital presence to resonate with a multi-lingual, multi-cultural audience.

Here’s how we measure success:

  • Brand Consistency supporting the prosperity of 35 company branches worldwide

  • Automated Website Localization enabling Nordson to reach new international markets faster and with more localized content

  • A Competitive Advantage with the ability to publish large volumes of digital content quickly and at scale.

  • In-Context Review offered by the Lionbridge Freeway platform—optimizing quality of the final published content and the communication between Nordson and Lionbridge reviewers.

Learn more about what a successful partnership looks like. Download the case study.

Nordson Case Study Cover_ Speed. Scale. Exceptional Service.

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April M. Crehan
April M. Crehan