The Lionbridge Pride Progress flag overlays an image of a bridge.

Pride in Our Pride

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the office and online

At Lionbridge, we believe that our variety and differences are part of what makes us better. Connection across cultures, geographies and languages are at the core of our business. Celebrating diversity is one of the reasons we are taking part in Pride month this year.

You’ll notice that our brand logos have a different look this month, inspired by the Pride Progress flag. And you may also notice changes in our email signatures: Starting this month, we’re encouraging our employees to add their pronouns to their signatures. 

It’s a small act but can have tremendous effect creating a welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community.  

For guidance on normalizing sharing pronouns in the workplace and introductions to gender neutral pronouns, we turned to Out & Equal and NPR. We also shared basic allyship guides to help our team show up for the LGTBQ+ community in the office. 

We also created an online forum for a queer affinity group. Given the virtual nature of the past year and the resulting changes caused in the workplace, we want to make sure our LGBTQ+ employees have a place to gather even if they’re not in the office. Providing a more organized online community is especially important for our Lions who cannot safely come out in their cities or to their families. And we continue to offer insurance that covers services like hormone replacement therapy and gender affirming surgeries so members of our Lionbridge family can be more comfortable in their own bodies. 

Several of our Lions who are out came together for an internal roundtable to discuss the intricacies of being queer at work and how it has impacted their career. All four participants offered to be resources to others in the company, regardless of whether they are ready or able to come out or not. Our thanks to them for the willingness to share their time and stories! 

Like coming out, building a more inclusive community is not a singular event but an ongoing process. We look forward to learning how to be better as individual Lions and as a Pride. Want to be part of that? Take a look at our open positions

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