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Clinical Labeling Case Study

How Lionbridge's Core Text Creation Helped A Pharmaceutical Services Company Deliver Crucial Trial Information To Five Different Countries

Clinical labeling is a rigorous process that poses many obstacles to drug developers and Life Sciences services companies alike — add to that a demand for multiple languages and country-specific regulations, and the challenge is easily tenfold. 

A leading pharmaceutical services company was able to navigate a difficult clinical labeling project efficiently and effectively with the help of Lionbridge’s life sciences services

Lionbridge’s impressive network of translators, linguists, project managers, and subject matter experts allowed the customer to establish clear objectives, uncover and resolve discrepancies in a timely manner, create a Master English Label Text (MELT), and adapt it for participating regions while maintaining appropriate industry terminology in multiple languages, adhering to country-specific regulatory standards, and meeting strict deadlines. 

Read the case study to learn about the key elements of the solution.  

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