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COA Case Study: How Lionbridge Helped an eClinical Solutions Company Streamline a Dual-Language Clinical Trial

Expertise in Clinical Outcome Assessment localization and licensing enabled Lionbridge to provide end-to-end services

Reaching More Clinical Trial Participants Through Localization

How do you streamline the licensing and translation process for a dual-language clinical trial with multiple clinical outcome assessments (COAs)? A leading eClinical solutions company partnered with Lionbridge to address the challenge. 

The solution involved collaboration between the Lionbridge licensing and localization teams to provide tailor-made services that supported the implementation of COAs in the clinical study.

Lionbridge’s dual expertise in licensing and localization allowed Lionbridge to provide end-to-end services, which included obtaining licenses for four COAs and translating them into Spanish as applicable. By proactively identifying potential issues and presenting solutions early on, Lionbridge ensured the process went smoothly, efficiently, and with respect to deadlines.

Read the case study to learn more about how Lionbridge accomplished this amazing feat.

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